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  1. What about puting 2 new things: conveyor belts and some tipe of storage that’s conected to them for letting the resources enter the belt. I think that whoud be very helpfully because when I want to grab the things from my automatic mines I have to go with the car all the way there carry it all come again and then the robots can do the rest but If we put conveyor belts I didn’t even need to go the resources whould come alone to my base and robots whoud storage them. Pls do it for the 003 automation update
  2. I didn't see anything previously posted, but it would be awesome if there was a feature where you could eject/drop all the items from your backpack instead of having to take things out one by one. Thats it. Just a little button or something to help out with material collecting.
  3. This is a pretty big set of ideas and would not require much new engine mechanics, it's mostly just addition of new models and items, but if some items can be changed it would expand on so much more.This is a pretty long and detailed post so read and there will be no potato at the end. I am having a lot of ideas about automating the crafting processes and general QOL improvements. A lot of these are inspired by games such as Factorio. All of these would enable players to focus on building and exploring instead of pushing buttons. Final goal is to ease the process of base building and
  4. When joining someone (personally it was via Steam for myself) it would not show me the materials needed to craft an item in the backpack. Anytime I needed something I had to ask him because it wouldn't display
  5. (sry if I made some spelling mistakes but I did my best hope you guys like it Hey Explorers! I was sitting in my shelter for the storm and I tought that there was only one event the storm itself nothing else, and I ran into the idea of a comet event. The comet canbe visited for a short amount of time and can be only seen from a the planets who it passes true (not the beginner planet) the comet itself is like a tiny mine with a resource that can be only found on te comet itself nowhere else. My second event is a meteor rain when a planet or a part of a
  6. (sry if I made some spelling mistakes but I did my best hope you guys like it ) Hey Explorers! I was sitting in my shelter for the storm and I tought that there was only one event the storm itself nothing else, and I ran into the idea of a comet event. The comet canbe visited for a short amount of time and can be only seen from a the planets who it passes true (not the beginner planet) the comet itself is like a tiny mine with a resource that can be only found on te comet itself nowhere else. My second event is a meteor rain when a planet or a part of
  7. Using 64x Win 10 PC. Razer Keyboard and Mouse After building a Smelter (which I believe requires 2 Compound), the original slots in the front still functioned as if the Smelter wasn't built as you can see from the picture. I decided against clicking the "Construct" button to see what would happen. I have not noticed this behavior in other base structures, although some structures still had the two slots on the front that I believe were supposed to disappear after the building was finalized.
  8. Summary: 0.4.10223.0 - steam - materials act weird in smelter Description: While in a smelter, regardless of whether its on or off, materials sometimes clip through the smelter and move erratically. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 0.4.10223.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 pro CPU: Intel core i7 3770k GPU: Nvidia Geforce gtx 1070 RAM: Corsair ddr3 8x4 1333mhz Drive: Samsung SSD 840 pro series
  9. Alright, so we know that medium to late game, storage can be an issue, you'll be mining and you'll just accumulate tons of stuff without even trying. So far currently we have a few storage options but nothing that can really handle the vast amount of random junk we can amass. I know that there are possibly more variants of storage possibly planned for the future of Astroneer, but I have several ideas for storage. 1. Stackable Pallets As we have warehouses around the world with storage pallets filled with goods for transport, I figure you could possibly do the same with medium stora
  10. Almost every time I spawn into the game my rover is trying to float off into space. The last time a lot of the materials I didn't have space for in storage that were laying around were floating in place about 6 feet or so off the ground, but surprisingly the rover was planted firmly on the ground for the first time. It's more funny than anything, but I feel like this isn't supposed to be happening lol. I'm running the game on a 2016 dell xps 15 through steam. Awesome game btw, keep up the good work!
  11. Can someone tell me how I can get Lithium, titanium and Coal without trading it from Trading Platform?
  12. An augment that allows the player to press a key or click a button similar to dynamite or the spaceship launch icon that would send out a pulse within a certain range, perhaps 50-200 meters. It would then temporarily indicate any resources' positions with an icon similar to when you point at a harvested nugget for around 10-20 seconds. This way players could find the more diverse deposits of things without needing to dig around blindly, but it wouldn't be overpowered by permanently showing where everything is in a huge area. To balance it out more, it could have a cooldown or recharge timer of
  13. Not sure if this got fixed in most recent patch but i saw these two when loading my game so i thought i'd share just incase it was a bug that hasn't been fixed. Where the organic was used to be a stuck gun which is gone since patch fixed that, so i think the organic was on the gun therefore remaining on floor. As for the copper, there was no gun there so im not sure about that one. 2017-05-27_10-53-38.mp4
  14. The last update fixed a few issues I had, and that's great! I have had 1 issue from the start. The point of the game is to explore, go to new areas, and new planets. The push for this is research, and also materials. I have noticed in the past that after you've gotten all the research from a type, you get materials instead. This negates the reason for going to other places as you would have TONS of extra stuff by the time you've gotten all your research done. With this last update, and there being so many types of research now, you have to explore more to get new research and unlock more recip
  15. Introducing different materials to build with would add another element to the game. My suggestion is a machine that can compress metals into plates that can be used in building or something like that.
  16. I put collected materials in earth holes around the base. Normally, storms don't affect them, but in one case all stored material was gone with the wind.
  17. Please consider exhaustive mining to yield a better benefit than only big heaps of unused raw materials. They could be used for instance in building railways in mines, as already proposed, or creating a planetwide system of highways for easy travelling.
  18. HI, congratulations on creating such a refreshing game. I really enjoyed it and i am not even close to the finish. I will jump straight to the point. As it is a space exploration game i guess it is happening in a time where technology is advanced to that point, so... 1. It will be cool to research and craft Drones. Drones can use power like batteries and can be used to tag resources on the ground and scan it. We can even use drones to drop dynamite on those green poison cloud spitting spores/things. Drones can give early warning for storms. 2. Using resources from the backp
  19. Hey everyone! I've been playing this game a LOT since I got it yesterday with some friends and have noticed multiple bugs in my first few hours that I wanted to point out to help the game develop as it is one of the most exciting games on steam I have played in a long time. 1.When playing with someone else as the guest, the trading pad will not accurately represent what it is you are trading for and the correct amount you will recieve. Sometimes you cannot even see the pad is there to be used again while the host can see it. It makes using the pads as a guest almost impossible, and
  20. Ok so I don't know if this is just me but in the past five saves I've made, I start out with a decent amount of compound, but after a while I can't find any compound for miles and honestly it's a huge problem. In games like Minecraft (sorry to make this comparison) one of the most essential materials for crafting is wood, which is made abundant near spawn, and really just surrounds the whole world. I understand the concept of scavenging and actually having to look for certain materials but i now have five save files that i can no longer play because I have no compound. Also, i never waste tet
  21. Been playing for about 72 hours now, and have watched Twitch streams while I work n' lurk. I was in a cave, and I discovered a space station component, but not a random piece of satellite but something with orange nodules in it indicating I can add it to my Space lab. I brought it back to my space lab and it looks like an orange propane tank laying on its side, and there is a firehose spout out of a pipe on it. I couldn't figure what it was(a fuel tank? a weapon? oxygen tank?). After clicking all over the item, I accidentally clicked on the firehose part and it stretched out. I could dra
  22. Hello There Reader, I, Sidegamer, Have an idea for improving base physics transport. While The "Base" on a planet CAN already transport energy, I think that the base should be able to transport fuel, needed materials, and Minerals (To the smelter). Also, the tethers should give energy to vehicles that are attached to said tether. As a footnote, I believe that players should be able to "unextend" built base areas, to a half refund of the materials used. Thank You for your time, Sidegamer PS: I have included a sketch for the different animations of the material
  23. If you were a human astronaut the first thing you would do when you get to a planet would be to establish shelter. not to mine for minerals. be able to knockdown the trees or the things with nuts on them and convert them into building materials so I can make shelter instead of a weird ugly cave-like abomination.
  24. I am currently playing on Xbox One and I wonder if PC has these issues because when I watch people stream on twitch and see they don't have the same issues I do I start to question. Can someone please work on the Xbox side of things? Is there not any money on the Xbox side? Is that why it feels we have been forgotten when it comes to fixing this game? I have left my starting planet now two times and both times I left, I returned only to find resources and vehicles that were not attached to my base were not saved and therefore, not there when I returned. So I grinded a bit got my resources and
  25. In the foundry, you can merge materials to form others, such as ALUMINUM + COPPER = IRON (just a guess) so you can get some materials without having to explore to get them. On some planets, such as the exotic and Terran planets, there may be a possibility that they may be habited by friendly animals (you can exchange materials for others with them) or aggressive (attacking you) There would be a module, such as an arsenal, that would allow you to create your weapons to defeat these aliens.