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Found 4 results

  1. There could be some kind of an altar where you can place the Zebra ball and it would be just for decoration. It would emit lights and various sounds while placed until it gets removed. The altar of course would be logically placed in a built temple, tomb, church, cathedral etc. Perhaps make the sfx/vfx sound/look very powerful to enhance the power of Zebra. P.S.: May our lord and saviour Zebra ball not punish me for cutting its picture so poorly.
  2. If you guys' have been playing Astroneer for a while now you guys know about that Zebra-print marble, I have a feeling these marbles will be the end game for multiplayer, having the most exotic looking marble, collecting multiple different marbles trading marbles like CSGO Knives on Steam market for $$$$$$ MARBLES! they are super simple to make and they could theoretically pump out thousands of different ones very easily by just retexturing them what do you guys think about these Marbles?
  3. The Space Traveler

    Are Easter Eggs Supposed To Be Rare?

    I left astroneer for some time but I decided to come back and start a new game and now I remember how much fun I had. But from what i recall easter eggs were very rare, I was exploring two caves which were very close to each other but I didn't expect to find all of this! (note: in some pictures I organized my findings they were not originally like this) Also is there a way I can take the probes out so I can add it to my easter egg collection.
  4. VT_Mongo

    Marble display stands

    I have yet to try this but it seems to me that those round lids that seem to be found by some of the crashed space junk look like they would make an ideal display stand for a marble. Has anyone dragged one of these back to their base and tried putting the marble on the side with the marble sized round depression in it?