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Found 12 results

  1. I think there should be in game maps and it would only show where you all ready traveled. it would be a holographic globe and be either a backpack item or small item it would cost 10,000 bytes and cost a nanocarbon alloy.
  2. Is it possible to download user maps???? On all platforms
  3. Hi Team!! Although beacons are the number 1 way not to get lost I would like to suggest another concept for explorers, landmarks. This is a low priority request but I feel from a design point of view would make the game look far more amazing and also allow players to explore with less chance of getting lost (which is damn easy to do!). I thought the new alien artifacts would do this but they're all the same. Even if you don't go by my idea you could change the look or colours of the various alien buildings instead. I found seeing multiple alien buildings while exploring actually disorientated me somewhat leading to getting lost. Quite the opposite of what was expecting. Create large objects or rare land formations spread across a planet. These can be very spread out and allow players to judge their position without the need of beacons or at least, not as many. Crazy steep mountain formation. Crashed alien ship. Giant crystal formation. Huge plant type structure or tree (life tree from Avatar for example) Floating strange object high in the sky. Volcano or similar structure with smoke, lava or some weird goop coming out of it. etc etc. Sometimes these landmarks dont need to be high. They could be a giant weird hole in the ground with glow stones or weird asteroid sitting in a crater. You could also add rare minerals to these areas if you wish. Landmarks could also be very interesting places to build a base! Overall, something that stands out so a player can somewhat understand where they are from their base. Beacons or no beacons. Cheers team, keep up the amazing work. The new v.1 is amazing.
  4. Adding some sort of way to track how the planets orbit and when you can get to them, I think, would make the game a lot more fun. Also a way of making a map for land travel so you know where you are instead of beacons.
  5. I like Astroneer's minimalist UI, and I have a suggestion for increasing beacon usefulness without adding to the existing UI paradigm. When you place a beacon, you assign it a name or number (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc). This is done by tabbing through with the use command (E or ALT-click on ground, etc.). When you've cycled through to the identifier you want, stop: That becomes the beacon's unique identifier. You could still use colors, or color combinations, but that might limit the number of beacons... which could be OK, if that's desired limitation. To use the beacons, you would need to research a receiver. It would be a dish antenna similar in size to the small solar and take one slot, and I think it should be expensive, at least 5k or more. This would be a tool for advanced exploration, after the basic base it built. Slot the receiver antenna on the top of your backpack or on a rover (this is perfect for the small rover, because it has one extra slot after power is attached). Use the X button to cycle through active identifiers, just like selecting when selecting one on a beacon. Once an active beacon identifier is selected, the receiver antenna will always point in its direction, indicating the most direct route to the selected beacon. This would be much more effective for navigation, but still retain an element of challenge, without cluttering up the UI. Some usage scenarios: Leave a beacon at the base, drive far away, drop another beacon. Then switch to the first beacon and find your way home, without fear of losing the location you were at. Another scenario: Drop a beacon on the equator, then traverse the circumference of the equator. When the antenna switches direction, you have just passed the exact opposite side of the sphere. This system would be much less effective underground. It would still work, but the confines of tunnels would limit its usefulness. However, there are still cases where it could be helpful. For instance, if you have travelled far underground, you could place a beacon, then go to the surface and use the location to dig a direct shortcut to the location. You could also use it to dig your way out of a deep place, or to find vehicles lost underground. A couple of other thoughts: In this system, I would rename the beacons, calling them transponders instead. Beacons would be limited to planet range only, so beacon identifiers (transponder codes) could be reused per planet. The base yurt could have an entry by default and planetary range. Other beacons could have less power, which could be increased by investing more research in antenna upgrades. If a map system was ever implemented, it could be based around transponder triangulation, where you couldn't mark a location unless the appropriate number of transponders was deployed. Something I haven't figure out yet: How would the antenna be animated if the beacon was directly below the antenna? Thoughts?
  6. I think there should be a map put in the game, when you explore a certain part of the planet, it will show up on a map like the one used for sailing and mapping out ones course, i imagine it having a beacon where your base or bases would be so you don’t have to get lost when searching for something.
  7. I Thnk astroneer should have maps. I think this because I just spent 3 hours looking for my base. It was very frustrating and I did not like it . I think it could have been solved if maps were in the game.
  8. 1: Tranquillisers (for when hostile lifeforms arrive) When hostile plants and animals arrives it'd be nice to be able to develop some defence against it, however it'd be a shame if the game suddenly fell into the depths of a violent bloodbath, the goal after all is to explore the cosmos and discover new life, not end it... What I think would be a nice solution therefore, would be able to use some sort of tranquilliser or stun device similar to perhaps what a modern day park ranger may use to stop an animal causing any harm. It could however take any number of forms, it could be some sort of device reminiscent of a gun or some form of gas which is emitted to temporarily put the animal to sleep. 2: Hydroponics System (for when hunger is added...) Hydroponics is a rather efficient way to produce food, and it'd be quite a nice module for farming to use. I'd love to drive along the cucumber delivery truck across the surface of Kepler 68B. It's perhaps the most simple of the suggestions. It'd be quite nice to be able to gather vegetation from the surface of the planet to be able to grow in hydroponics as well, it'd add the interesting challenge of finding the most nutritious vegetable on the planet and make vegetation a bit more then just decoration. It might also add a bit more motivation to actually explore 3: Genetics Related Stuff Astroneer is set a bit in the future, so it seems pretty reasonable to assume science in the field of genetics would've improved. It'd be nice to be able to see which family each species of plant or animal ends up in if a wide array of them are added. Tied in with suggestion 2, it'd be quite nice to be able to use a lab module or such to cross breed plants to create ones which are better at producing food, or perhaps achieving the same in an incredibly simplified genetic modification interface... 4: Natural Resources Related Stuff Essentially, a bit more development with natural resources. This could be in quite a few forms, it could be the ability to discover deep oil reserves in the planet via a scanner to be able to use for producing some things out of plastic. Alternatively it could be a very basic little wind system, so that wind turbines are better in some places which would experience wind. I'd then feel motivation to really think about where I setup my additional bases. 5: Mapping System This has undoubtedly been suggested numerous times on this forum in varying ways, but I felt like bringing my view on it to this post too. It'd be nice to have a very basic mapping system, perhaps via a little attachment to your backpack / vehicle which scans the surrounding area. You could open it up, and via colouring would show you the height of the terrain, it'd show your base camp if you have it via a little graphic. You could put on a few various styles of marker onto the map, and it'd show where you are and which way your facing (as well as perhaps where your teammates are?). Then, via some buttons you could turn on/off a few different extra features like a modern GIS map would use. You could then display any discovered energy or oxygen resource fields which haven't been depleted and any recharging oxygen or energy points. The map then may end up looking something a bit like the image below... 6: Water/Liquids This is the general suggestion, and simply put, I'd love to be able to see oceans and rivers across the planets, be it methane ones or our precious dihydrogen monoxide. It'd be lovely to watch the winged pluto cows grazing next to a rushing stream. It'd just add a bit more of an interesting atmosphere.
  9. TLDR: If one does not want to use maps, simply do not use the shortcut key "M", voila no map for you. Disclaimer: I don't care if a map is in the game or not in the game, I will do fine. I am more for advocating interesting gameplay and challenges, rather than excluding something from the game. For the devs: Include mapping technology, but make it interesting, to please most players. Humans have been making and using maps as long as they needed to mark their way home while exploring and expanding their territory. Be it crude maps of the coast as they sailed along it, sometimes reaching out into the great beyond - some to catastrophe, others to discovering new lands. How can it be implemented in Astroneer to keep the reasonable assumption that a space-faring individual would have mapping technology, yet balance it with the wonder and fear of venturing out into the unknown? Though I will not give any specifics (that's your job ), but mapping like anything else can be tiered from simple direction finding (default compass) to researching and building advanced modular pieces that could increase the functionality (and protect) and range of said item. Level 1: Basic Compass Level 2: Map 'pings' like a radar slowly giving a visual clue as to surrounding terrains, but 'fog (of war)' remains. Level 3: Pings can be faster, much like fps, gives updates faster, starts to push 'fog (of war)' reveals in the radius Level 4: Clarity of mapping becomes more efficient, as images 'pinged' become more detailed, even revealing actual color of terrain and landmarks. Level 5: Extends range or opens up functionality, such as ability to create landmarks, or records previously placed beacons, or reveals plant life locations, mineral deposits. Perhaps at level 5, the mapping unit simply is no longer portable, as it requires a dedicated platform and more power to operate at this level. Of course for those who don't want to access the feature, they would not need to even see what the map is doing, so avoiding the use of "M" key would give them the non-map gameplay they would desire. As with the spirit of 'giveth yet taketh away' that I like to promote in gameplay, the map unit can have problems. Perhaps on Terran there is little adversity, but on other planets the map unit may not work as well, as intended, or simply not at all. Higher level mapping units require more backpack power. Higher level mapping units require rare mineral to focus transmissions for map clarity. Storms and other environmental events corrupt, disrupt or disable mapping. These challenges can be overcome with emergent technologies/modules not yet discussed, or in the more difficult planets - simply not able to be used. Difficulty of exploration can be scaled along with every other technology Astroneer decides to include, so this same thought process could be applied to anything, really. The balance will have to be struck between the assumption that the Astroneer has this level of tech to include mapping by default, and that of the challenge and fear of the unknown, so that at times, he will be forced to go outside his comfort zone, and the known radius of his map. The ability to get lost will always exist, especially at lower levels, but also at higher levels if suddenly the Astroneer is caught in a storm or other event that renders the map unit inoperable, leaving him stranded. Rather than an either/or proposition, no map vs map, it would be better time spent creating an innovative way to appeal to most players, rather than endless debate.
  10. The one thing major about this game that is such a small feature in most games is a map. With so many easy ways for you to die or get lost with seeing as theres no way to locate what direction your beacon is towards finding your way back to your base or your truck after dying is completely frustrating. Id personally like it if rather than just having a map laid out for you, either add a device or navigator that could allow you to look in a direction and know what beacon so in that line of sight. Or add a map that as you explore it will uncover more of the map so areas already explored will be slightly easier to navigate. And the second issue is not being able to mark beacons with unique tags to know what will lead you where. This would be another great feature allowing players to easily navigate there way to old areas while not taking away from the difficulty of exploring new areas.
  11. sometimes during the exploration with trucks i lose the base or lose veichicle when i died but i don't found the simbols of the position of the base or trucks when i'm far. if add a map or a way to find the right place.
  12. Hello all Astroneers, In those rare occasions that college can actually help you out in life... It seems my game design degree could possibly help with some of the options I will present here today. First off I will make a list for you all to comment on. Then give you reasons and ideas as to why I present these ideas. UI Interface and other Extras - * UI Map Introduction *Simple Tech Space Faring people should have * Research Options * Introduction of Risk and Reward options (some of this will be the UI map option) OK, so now that you know what I will be talking about. It will allow you to jump to what you want to read. UI Map Introduction: In many games, you have what is called the 'Risk Vs. Reward' option. While we see this in many games with many not even realizing it, we see this option in Astroneer a little more directly. With two backpack slots for extras, you have a Risk Vs Reward options here. Do I use a wind vane or a solar panel? Your risk is not having enough energy at those times you need it. Sure, this is a far simpler option of Risk Vs Reward but you also see this if you add extra tanks or batteries to your backpack. Adding these items have a reduction of possible items you will need to carry with you. So now that we have Risk Vs Reward examples already handled, many people have stated that they get lost when out of range from the main base. Several people have asked about a map or some compass option but with limited space and the direction the UI is focusing on, this means that there is options we need to look at. What I propose is to add a Compound based option. With a simple solar panel or solar collector made from compound. I believe that a mini map or rough compass could easily be handled with ease without adding directly to the UI. As we see with the backpack, when it is away from you, you are able to see your battery and tank value. My suggestion for this is to add a small boxy like structure that happens to be a basic compass. This compass could end up being placed either in the backpack main selection or a secondary slot like we see for the solar panel and the wind vane. This basic compass could end up adding to a secondary option that I will get into in a moment. My focus for the compass is something very simple. A black box with four green lights. One to the left and right, one to the top and finally one for the bottom of the box. Have these lights on, one light constantly on, drawing light power from the battery, showing where your closest base is. This could be easily be seen from your backpack or in the zoomed in interface. If this is not enough of an option, I would then add a red blinking light in the center of the box. We are commonly finding defunct or crashed spaceships. Just like planes, spaceships have black boxes that broadcast basic info. If you use the blinking light like a blinking compass (the more it blinks the closer you are to said item), you could end up causing your players to expand their searches to find more and more interesting things that the developers have for the players as a whole. Now for the extra fun. Just like the solar panel has a larger cousin, maybe the map controller could be worked into a device (with expanded extras) for the rover. Basic technology we use today is acoustic and radar penetrating devices. Many a time I have run around looking for a spot to enter a cave but have found nothing until I use a rover and then either got lost or never found the hole again due to resource management or other extras. A larger version of the map could be introduced to the rover, causing you to choose between an extra battery, a solar panel or extras over a map/radar device. Simple Tech All Space Faring Races should Have: As you land in your ship, have any of you asked yourself this question? In WWI we took pictures in our bi-planes of battlefields, so why can't we get a basic lay of the land as our pod is coming down? As we shoot off into space, or fall to the planet, we never really get a chance to see the world around you unless you are very fast with your mouse. Exploration tends to take place with serious consideration and after exploring the surrounding areas. This is incapable of that due to many possible reasons, but given time it would be a great introduction to add a camera system or some type of radar. Either this could be a research option or something you have in limited form and then expand upon on the planet. Research Options: Research is a great grab, but after the first few grabs, some like myself start to question why I keep trying. I know what is out there, I know that there is cool research stuff but time and time again getting resources pushes back the want to research. Sometimes I will get a glut of resources from researching without finding a trade platform. Other times, I will need that one item, but it never pops even though it would make life SO much easier. So here is my optional proposal, and this time the risk vs reward is on the designers. I would like to propose more random options on researching. What I mean by this is even early on, I would like to see more random research and random resources so you do not get a glut of research items popping to finally come to realize that when you have 4-5 research extras under your belt, you will end up getting nothing but extra resources that you either have no use for (no trade platform) or that you have in abundance due to your previous hard work. So putting in a more random or possibly standard option where each research item adds to the number of possible research things you need to use before you might get something. This might engage the players more. An example of this follows. First Research Plan 1 out of 4 research times will pop this first one. Each research time after the first that does not pop decreases this chance. No pop on the first one, so now it is 1 out of 3, etc. Second Research Plan (follow First Research Plan) Third Research Plan 1 out of 5 and so on... Other Extras: We have already talked about the Risk Vs Reward situation, so let us look at a different option. Many of you have talked about food being a resource that you should have to handle. This is a good and bad option. The more things you add to your resource management, the more you have to worry about. From the UI to the basic design of the game, this is designed to have an easy entry point of game play. Adding food or other elements could end up making it less interesting to the wider population. As it stands, my kids would love to play this game and do. Adding that extra of food possibly risks the frustration levels and risks my kids interest. I think that making generators more viable would require a planter or other option. This means you would have to manage your resources early on to the point that you can get a growing plantation going for your generator to be a little more viable long term. It would allow more options for your compound to be more viable, and expand its possible use. This would also allow you to use the bio resource to better use. It would also be nice to see the bio resource used in other ways like cloth or other things. Clothe would allow you to build balloons (another way to see your settlement, gain power, see the lay of the land, etc.), you could build a habitat that protects you from storms as the idea of building a cave can at times break the game... Thank you for your time for everyone who reads this. Please let me know your ideas on these comments.