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Found 7 results

  1. Steam - Win8.1 64-bit - Mouse/Keyboard - Intel i7-3770 - 16GB - Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti (Driver Version 391.35)- MBAudio MSI B75MA E33 - Seagate ST2000DM001 2TB SATA Fresh save - Loaded up my save from last night and some terrain objects have appeared where they weren't before middle right wasn't even in visible distance from base
  2. It would be cool if the game had an satellite in wich the player could choose an planet (Including his own), an then, the device would capture and image of the surface of the planet. The player would need to choose an orbit and distance to the planet, depending on wich, the satellite would use more hydrazine to stay close to the planet and receive more precise and accurate measurements, but he would have a ver short lifespan, since he would keep orbiting until he falls due to atmospheric drag, an alternative would be that an geostationary orbit could be choosen, for the sake of resolution and more detailed views of the planet, but in compensation, an wider and more varied imagery of the planet would be made. Modules of tier 1 to 3 could be made, upgrading certain aspects of the satellite. For example: The antenas could be upgraded, so faster, more detailed, and bigger amounts of data could be transferred. Spectroscopy modules could be applied, so the player could know the locations of minerals in the surface of the planet. Different satellites could be launched on a specific coordination, so topographical maps could be made about hills, mountains, and other instances of geological variation. X-ray modules could be applied to know entrances of superficial caves systems. Infrared instruments to find about a planet temperature variation and atmo composition, not only that, but do topographical maps of dunes, since sand has less thermal inertia than other rock components. Laser altimeter to make topographical maps on a very big precision (Black and white). Gamma ray spectrometers for the detection of high and low energy neutrons coming from the surface of the planet, learning about more heavy elements on the surface of the planet. Physical elements like bigger hydrazine tanks or an bigger data storage unit. Why an storage unit? Well, the satellite could have a CPU, where information is stored, analyzed, and simulations could be made about the weather. So wind speeds, topography, and other aspects of the planet could be studied, therefore, sandstorms and other future weather hazards could be predicted. I want to explain my idea of other types of instruments for planet mapping more concise on other post, but comment the problems here. (Sorry for bad grammar, I am brazilian. And no, im not memeing this).
  3. My idea is to implement some kind of drone with two movement modes. The first mode a “follow-mode”, where the drone will follow the Astroneer and recording in this time the terrain an surface of the planet. This kind of surface-scan will lead to a 3D-map, that the player can open as a kind of minimap for orientation or to chart up the planet basically. Also the tunnels or underground caves can be mapped as a small 3D model. The second moving mode will send the drone with its limited energy (charged by base or Astroneer) to a point or range set by the player. In this mode the drone will also record / scan the surface for the 3D-Map. Also buildings, materials etc. can be mapped with this drone or special interest can be marked by the player for orientation. It would also be possible, that the drone has one or two slots to improve performance (e.g. energy, solar panel, fuel) or to pick up material to transport it to base or to another player in range on the map.
  4. Panthos


    Hi I had an idea while playing the game about driods. Maybe you could craft a droid or specific droids for specific jobs, like mapping droid (be able to send him of in a direction to collect data for mapping) this would be great for Sharing your plannets unique terrain with your friends and benifit the player as to were something maybe worth investigating. Or landscaping droids or just a droid that helps you and gives banter. Players could also leave messages to friends on or inside the memory of there droid. Also maybe a weather droid that gives an early warning to storms and such like But it would be great if you didn't start with the droid you have to craft it. Thanks Paul
  5. perhaps to map the world the explorer could go out to an area and release a drone (consumable), this would add the topographical data to the map for the area in which the explorer stands. also perhaps use scouting drones, which you tell the drones what to look for, i.e. compound, resin, malachite or maybe even crashed ships, and once the drone (perhaps like a small RC car) becomes a beacon on your map, also they could be set with a finite battery life, so if they are unsuccessful (and run out of power) they just end up dead, however these could be recharged by the player, or by coming into range of tethers. early weather warning beacons, perhaps an upgrade to beacons, to alert the players(using the map) as to the presence and proceeding direction of storms.
  6. removerboy

    Ideas for mapping

    So i'll start with the usual stuff. The story: I've just been driving around looking for some caves, and downed satellites to gather some resources. I drove quite a bit out and did a bit of resource gathering. And here's the problem, where the heck was my base? i couldn't see the markers anymore. The idea(s): a (toggleable) marker on the screen pointing towards you home-base(s). (and beacons) a map that can be opened with the press of a button an actual map (of the entire world you're on) a 'satellite' overview of the world you are on(i know this was requested and i liked the idea). a craftable map that can be access when in your hands/on your backpack that shows a limited area around where it was first loaded with a marker on said map with your current position relative to the mapped area. let me know what you think
  7. First off, great work on Astroneer so far. I would especially like to salute your netcode. I think in one of your blogposts earlier you were talking about how you limited the scope of MP servers/matchmaking for the alpha to keep it within reach and that decision has REALLY paid off. I connected from Australia to a friend's PC on the East Coast of the US. There was an unavoidable amount of lag and some quintessintial alpha behavior (animation bugs on respawn, a few CTDs) but good lord it worked pretty much fine for a five-hour session. We never hit a showstopper where someone couldn't rejoin after they CTD'd or the game de-synced and we couldn't find each other or anything like that. As a result of that stability: I love the game, my friends who I convinced to buy it love the game, and we are all going to rave about it to other friends and no doubt some of them will buy it too. My only moments of frustration in the game have been while caving. the TL;DR of it: it would be great to have better options for vertical traversal and for marking a trail with breadcrumbs (as opposed to implementing a minimap or more detailed compass). Also, a somewhat unrelated suggestion about lighting and movement. I'm sure lots of other players have had the experience where you spot a resource you need in the distance and you decide to run for it, gather it, and dash back to your tethers before oxygen runs out. Far too late, we find out that there's a hole or chasm on the way that leads to a deep drop. You either die when you hit the ground, or you live but have no way to get back up to where you were before you suffocate. Even if you run around gathering oxygen to keep yourself alive, you're more likely to wind up extremely lost than to get back up to the previous level. Sometimes I've stubbornly lost several lives in a row trying to retrieve my gear or find out where that resource was. Right now the only workable solutions for vertical movement are trying to make a pillar/ramp with the terrain tool, or tunneling into the wall a ways and then trying to switchback/corkscrew an ascending tunnel to reach the previous level. Neither is very intuitive and both risk another fall from height (if when tunneling you break into yet another chasm and fall there). I have four suggestions for this situation: 1 - a jetpack. Up to you whether it's immediately craftable or has to be researched/found from derelicts. Maybe have it take up two slots in order to properly account for its utility/value. Or perhaps it could be attached to the wing slots on the backpack, since the solar panel and windvane aren't much use for generating power underground, and there's already a system for feeding fuel into an item there a la fueling the generator with a stack of organics. It would also be a good 2nd use for hydrazine and give a reason to seek it out in caves even after a fuel condenser has been built at the base. 2 - a grappling hook. It would be great to be able to grapple to the ceiling and pull yourself back up to the previous height, or at least reach a height greater than the range of your terrain tool so that making platforms to get back up isn't such a pain. It would also be an absolute joy to have a grappling hook that enables skilled players to move quickly and vertically like some Quake mods or good old Bionic Commando. 3 - different shapes for the terrain tool. If you could change it from a circle to an open crescent or angle, it would be easier to create lipped ramps and walkways which would reduce the danger of falling as you shape terrain to cross a chasm or return to your original height. 4 - some way to 'breadcrumb' your path. Tethers are tedious to place if you want to move at speed and they create a performance hit if you have placed too many. Beacons are too expensive in terms of materials to dot them all over, and aren't especially useful for pathfinding in caves with the relatively narrow fields of view one has. The most practical solution is to draw an arrow in the floor with the terrain tool at every intersection to pointing the way home, but that really detracts from the natural beauty of the environments you've created. What about a homing dot, similar in size and stackability to a tether, that when queried with a mouse click points to the nearest powered tether? I'm thinking of something with a button-ish look. You walk up to it, press the button in the center, then the rim lights up and blinks in the direction pointing back to your tether network? Alternately, if the pathfinding would be too expensive or be too hard to make work with edge cases (a tether directly above you if the cave has looped back on itself), some ability to set an arrow direction when you first place the breadcrumb. If you wanted to make them true breadcrumb tools rather than just a "show me the way home" object that lost players throw down, query, and just pick back up, you could make them placeable but not retrievable. Or perhaps limit the pathing range so that you have to leave a trail of them in order for them to provide any useful info. You might even make it so that activating one causes the next one in the chain to strobe until the player walks up and interacts with it. It then points the way homeward (or at least tether-ward) and causes the NEXT one in the path home to start strobing. 5. Finally, while it's generic to all caving and not just the 'find your way back from a fall' situation, it would be nice to be able to cast more light than the player's headlamp provides. I often find myself carrying items off-center as I run, since I don't want the carried item to block my view of where I'm going. But because the character's head is slaved to the cursor, I don't have light showing on the place where I'm headed! Perhaps we could have a craftable light that can be placed on the backpack 'wing' slots and either shine narrowly ahead (but ALWAYS straight ahead) or cast a moderately-sized globe in all directions.