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Found 2 results

  1. Hello I am interested in spending quite some times building a good, well informed wiki. I create this topic in hope contributors can somewhat coordinate themselves and ask each other opinions when needed. Right now there is many pages and many names are quite confusing to me. - why is the small solar panel called just a "Solar" ? See question below - related question : how to call items that have the same name but that have a small and big version (solar panel, battery, generator). The most practical naming scheme to me is to call the small ones (that you craft
  2. Cov


    Hello, so I landed on a planet and left the capsule. There isn't a tutorial or a manual, so I run around, explore the environment - apparently I need to collect stuff, how is the procedure? Most of the time I get suffocated before I can return to the capsule. Sometimes I get trapped in a pit and need to get out which takes valuable time, that's annoying. Does the oxygen supply need to be that limited? And do the expressions "Joy (1), Happy (2), Wave (3) and What? (4) serve any purpose or are they just for fun? I really like the little character but the squeeky noises makes it s