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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all you Astroneers, I was looking to configure my own dedicated server but was annoyed at the lack of UI. In light of that, I thought it'd be useful to whip up a quick powershell script to help with this. The script does the following: Starts / Stops the server When the server starts, a background job is executed that periodically checks for the process and reports back in the log file if it's running or not along with time stamp Updates the external IP address Updates the external IP address automatically if $Auto_start is set too $true You do not need to manually check what your IP is You must have ran Internet Explorer at least once for Invoke-WebRequest to work Auto Start configurable The script can be added to either the Startup folder or a Scheduled Task with an account that has run as service permissions Set Server Port Toggle Wait for Players Before Shutdown Set Server Name Set Server Owner Set Server Password All tasks executed through the script are logged with before and after information Logs are stored here: .\ASTRONEER Dedicated Server\Astro\Saved\Logs You can change the $Server_Directory variable in the script to specify where your sever files are running from. Please only include up too \ASTRONEER Dedicated Server\ Log Example: 07/07/2020 21:47:53 - Setting Change: External IPAddress updated too: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX 07/07/2020 21:47:58 - Server Status: Active 07/07/2020 21:48:02 - Setting Change: Server Name changed from Bob too: yaaweehoo 07/07/2020 21:48:03 - Server Status: Active 07/07/2020 21:48:08 - Server Status: Active 07/07/2020 21:48:13 - Server Status: Active07/07/2020 21:48:38 - Server Status: Active 07/07/2020 21:48:43 - Server Status: Active 07/07/2020 21:49:03 - Server Status: Active 07/07/2020 21:49:05 - State Change: Server Stopped This was made entirely by myself and is supplied as is. Whilst I will try to keep it updated and add any features possible on request, it's not going to be a massive active project. I wrote this in a few hours and I have tested it but if you do find issues, drop us a shout and I'll try to help. I hope this helps Astroneer Dedicated Server Script.ps1
  2. Players should be able to connect with a hostname in the URL box. The port should not be included in the URL box, instead have another line with the DEFAULT port 8777 already filled in. Management of the server while out of game is essential. Add console input, or RCON. (say, kick, ban, save) Verbose logs to console for server administrators and server wrappers. (Server failed to start, Server errors, Server on, Server off, Player join, Player quit, Player messages) Xbox Live support for non-preferred servers. If achievements are an issue, indicate if achievements are enabled or disabled.
  3. Greetings! I had a somewhat interesting idea yesterday while trying to mine on Desolo. What if we could have a tether system, like a vacuum/power line between the rover and the mining gun? My idea : The item would be equipped on the mining gun and it would amplify the connexion range with the rover. It could be a physical link that would send the item directly to the rover instead of having to hot-swap every mineral collected from the backpack to a storage.
  4. Hello! What if we could add a packager-like item on a storage to "lock" what ressource can be put on it? ( would go amazingly well with the new automation update ) It would make the management of bases SO much easier.