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Found 2 results

  1. I'd love!! to see one day walking around my base an awesome a big ball of fire coming my way as in burns in the atmosphere or it making its way to the moon just being able to identify what it may be before crashing into the surface. In hopes of it not hitting my base. It could be a spaceship, space cargo, meteorite, maybe an astroid! Anything! Maybe an alien ship And being able to actually watch it smash into the ground and terrain go flying all over with different gravity would be awesome!! Please consider adding this idea!
  2. Hello fellow Astroneers! As I fell asleep yesterday an idea struck my mind. We are humans and in order for us to survive we need oxygen. And since we are in space we don't know if the air on that planet is breathable for us. So we're safer with out suit. If we can't use the oxygen of the planet then which should be use? Right now this is not a problem in Astroneer since oxygen is provided as long as you're connected with your base. But this is a little splinter in my eye. So why don't we use the planet in order for us to survive. My idea is an inflatable oxygen generator. (as the title may has already told you) This is how it should work: You provide a healthy amout of organic materials on one side of the generator, the generator takes a part of this organic mass and converts it into oxygen tank which then can be used by us, the humans. In order for us to get this generator we have to collect 2 compound. After the building part is done the actual action is starting. Of course this thing needs energy before anything happens. 8 energy bars have to be filled so the fun can start. The generator has 4 (actually 5) phases of "being inflated". Phase 0 - 0% oxygen Phase 1 - 25% oxygen Phase 2 - 50% oxygen Phase 3 - 75% oxygen Phase 4 - 100% oxygen As you could've guessed, one "loop" will give you 4 tanks of oxygen for you to be used. It doesn't matter there these tanks are placed as long as they are connected with the base, they can even be on the other side of the planet. I recommend placing 1 stock on each side of the generator. On one side there are preferably 8 organic and on the other side will be the oxygen tanks (input/output). One stack of organic should be enough for 8 tanks so you don't have to restock it every 5 minutes. Of course there can be huge tank of oxygen (which has to be researched) that takes 2 spaces of your stock (just like every other big instrument) but it can hold up to 6 charges of oxygen (so 1 1/2 loops) so you can take these tanks with you on a journey. I'm thinking about a portable generator that you can place on your truck(!) and it takes up 2 spaces (half the energy cost, half the oxygen profuction). So there is always be this one dude that has no real talent and which will probably kill you all because of his clumsyness, right? Let him be in charge of your oxygen so you don't die to death Great idea! There is still a little problem with this idea. You don't have this generator the second you land and you don't have to research it (would take to long). But how do you gather the ressourced and all this if you don't have a generator you ask? Your little escape pod has a little oxygen generator inside which will "mailfunciton" after several minutes after the landing. Of course you're getting a little warning how long it'll still work. I'd think 10 minutes are enough for you to get all this done. Has to be a challenge, right ? Why all this you ask? In my opinion organic mass has no real purpose of being used other than firing up an eninge which is not nearly as good as solar panels and wind turbines. ----------------------------------------tl;dr:---------------------------------------- > generator that generates oxygen > uses 1 organic mass for 8 oxygen tanks > uses 8 bars of energy for one loop (4 tanks) > 2 compound to be build > portable version > big tank (capable of holding 6 small oxygen tanks) using 2 spaced of your stock - but has to be researched > real purpose of using organic mass > more survival > another way to die if your forget to refill your organic mass --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Farewell fellows! Quarit over and out.