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Found 6 results

  1. In real life, cuprite is a high ratio ore of copper. The current Copper Ore in the game is Malachite, a material with a low ratio of Copper and, when smelted, creates a biproduct of Carbon. Therefore, I think that there should be a new ore for Copper that produces a 1:2 ratio of Copper, Cuprite. Please let me know what you think.
  2. Ever since the new Buasbuilding Update dropped I have noticed that Ammonium deposits on the surface of Terrain seem to be more common. Before the update, I could go entire games without seeing a single surface deposit, but now I tend to see at least two or three. Anyone else experiencing this change? Also, underground deposits of both Malachite and Latarite now seem to be more rarer, at least in the initial sections of caves. It could just be the games I've had since the update but I wanted to make sure, so I wanted to ask if this is true for other players as well. If it is true, I'd like to know if this was intentional in order to adjust the difficulty or if it is an unintended result of something else. Would be interested in anyone's responses on this subject.
  3. As the topic title says, I notice that when you are mining these 2 resources and your backpack is ful, you don't hear the clunky overflow sound as the stack is discarded. Resin and Compound are working still. (haven't tried with titanium and coal yet)
  4. I built a truck with a crane on the back and added a one-seat and storage to the front. I proceeded to mine some copper (malachite). The copper ore filled the two slots on the crane and then put one on the storage. I went to retrieve the copper ore from storage but was unable to retrieve it. No matter what I did or tried, I could not select the copper to remove it. Any attempt to try to retrieve it only selected the entire storage.
  5. Loaded into my most recent launch from a few days ago and went back into the caves where I tried to mine the remainder of this malachite but it didn't get consumed when I mined all of the surrounding area. I made sure no parts of the walls were touching it but it was no help.