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Found 5 results

  1. This is astroneer. Astroneer is all about space and yet we dont have any contact with space except when launching to other planets Here is my idea: space station New printed item: Space habitat. A building module for space windows and other building features. engines ZERO GRAV
  2. When i log into astroneer on my xbox i have one save and sometimes when i launch it its my main world, but other times its a completely different save, even though i click on the singular save i have, PLEASE HELP. To add ive tried restarting, switching profiles and back, repeatedly logging in and out of the world but its completely random as to which save is loaded
  3. After I'm done playing, and I click "Quit to Desktop" in the menu, I get an Unreal Engine crash. It's happened twice now, which at the current moment, is all the time for me. If there's specific files you guys need, let me know, and I'll get them to you as soon as I can.
  4. I've been running the game very smoothly with no fps drops that my eye could detect. Until I linked 4 vehicles together, then the game started to heave.
  5. Before the beta patch, i figured the amount tethers would be causing the problems, but i started a new game entirely, and i can barely do so much as harvest a resource, or sometimes even exit the pod, only for the game to freeze and give me that "Not Responding" nonsense in task manager, which i have to open to close it. I downloaded the beta patch to see if it changed anything: nope. Even when my pod is coming down from the station to land on the planet, the fps tanks so bad, i'm afraid it's frozen again. something needs to seriously change about how the game generates terrain or something, b