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Found 4 results

  1. suggestion, some ideas could include volcano, earthquake, a system of magma. machinery, (Geothermal energy) An inspiration from the game (from dust) (as the lava behaves)(first person) inspiration in the movie, Lost on Mars
  2. Well, I know I'm talking a lot here about magma, but I say it because I have some great ideas for it. Well, I know the magma could not be something connected, so I'm telling you that you could put solid solids like ordinary ground, but in deep caverns. Is to dig you could put an item to the main tool of the game.
  3. Well, at one time I had already talked about the idea of having magma in the astroneer, so now I'm going to tell you about things that could have on the magma and ideas related to it. I'm going to start with the fact that the magma could stay in deep places, like deep caves and others. Another thing is that there could be a specific mineral inside it, and that for handle it needed a special clothing or a special weapon. (Sorry if something is spelled wrong, because I'm using google translator and I'm Brazilian)
  4. Hey guys! So this is my first time posting on the forum - I'm absolutely in love with the game, and since it's so early in development I thought I'd share a few ideas of what I think would really add to the whole experience NB I've attached some pics to illustrate my ideas. The simpler drawings are my own, but the rest are all taken from google images. BACKGROUND: Molten planets, also called lava planets, are a hypothetical kind of terrestrial planet with a molten surface covered mostly by lava (Fig.1). These could be young freshly formed planets which have yet to cool down a