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Found 5 results

  1. When you build any module like mineral extractor, printer, vehicle bay etc there should be a little tutorial, like the old one a few images with arrows explaining how to use them, how you select the item you want to print etc, many are self explanatory but who knows someone may need a hand.
  2. Since there is the biggest rover and rover, why do not you add a glider machine that can fly? It is an amazing idea, as it may be possible to explore the planet (not very wide) with this machine, so you can also see resources as far as the eye can see! Obviously this "glider" will be done with resources a little rare! 2 of resin, 1 of titanium and 1 of coal, so it will last a little longer!
  3. Hello guys. I keep ansking and learning about all because the game seems very nice. I´m unlocking modules, and this and that but i´m not sure the use of some of them and i don´t know wich ones are more essential than others. Can you tell me please wich is the "proper" way to expand and grow? Wich are the essential builds please? Thanks.
  4. Resource collecters/miners They take longer time to mine Expensive to make but makes "profit" if you do it right It yeilds more then what is in a node/area of resources/resource pocket Ore deposits/nodes Either of hard material or out of a node resource this collecter could work on. (the collecter would snap to it and has an animation so its easy to place and use) With some of the "innards" of the planet the dev I think (adam) did suggest on working on in the future.(maybe) That I suggest to this is a hardness level would increase and maybe more going on the further you go into a planet and its "dungeons"/tunnels and more advanced stuff is used. Some planets would be hard to some softer? (wouldn't really work on the start for players though but could be fun?) its like a "level cap" for a few things, but could also be annoying/boring to keep getting f... by it. Again with containers Contain more space (16-20 slots?) expensive could cost less on your system really with more players? (insted of 100+ items floating around then having 7+ containers with them inside) Takes 4 slots to place it on. It could maybe rather be a storing unit/building insted with a lot more slots? So it also creates a base for all your stuff to come back to? By railroads (if that is what some of the devs are thinking about I would maybe rather have a flying drone because terrain issues and other various things) So putting them or connecting them with the resource collecters and a storage/chest/container. Getting from A to B when it needs to or by players? Cost a little bit more power then the rover/truck. always on? Moving by signal (player or resource collecter is done) Notifying the creator? Either by an object/tool or a little message.
  5. When constructed this would form a mineshaft directly in front of the platform. The shaft would be vertical, of a set length, say 100 meters down. It would be suitably lined, perhaps some sort of scaffolding and would have an umbilical to the bottom. At the bottom it would form a square "working" area a bit larger than the mineshaft, you would then use the terraformer yourself to dig tunnels out from it. With the umbilical you could extend your base underground. the mineshaft would have an elevator big enough to fit a rover into. Mining Shaft + mining machines, i.e. tunnel borers or mining lasers = Profit and lava, tunnel collapses and gas explosions???