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Found 10 results

  1. Ветер в ебало

    For MAC | Astroneer

    Hey, everyone, I bought the game today and found out that you probably can't play on MAC. I have mac pro 2017, is there any way to launch it?
  2. I personally am curious as to when the Mac/OSX version will come out. I know it is low priority, but a flexible date at the least for release would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Heres what I think should be added to the next big update of astroneer. This update Will focus on more of what the user can do to the game to make it more entertaining for the user Heres a very small list that could lead into a very big change in the game 1. Crossplatform: Crossplatform will support other OS (Operating systems) which will most likely boost the player base of astroneer. 2. ModingAPI: A ModingAPI is what developers use for making mods or changes to the game, if this happens there are endless possibilities of what the user is capable of doing Names I go bye: VanishDev, AlphaMode Thanks for reading -AlphaMode
  4. I'm rarely able to use my gaming computer because my daughter sleeps in that room, so the computer is on, but I use In-Home Streaming to play on my MacBook Air at evenings, which usually plays perfectly with no lag. Unfortunately there is an issue with In-Home Streaming and Astroneer. To recreate the problem: - Use In-Home Streaming (to a Mac?) - Right-click and hold - Move pointer slowly towards the left The camera will spin faster the more you move the pointer to the left - Move the pointer slowly towards to the right The camera will still rotate left, but slow down until it stops when you are centered at where you right-clicked, and will then start rotating right when continuing moving to the right. My explanation might be a bit hard to follow, but basically it does not act as a mouse when you right click, it is like a joystick where it's center is where you right-clicked the first time. I tried with an X360 controller, as I do have enough range to be connected directly to the computer, but unfortunately I didn't like the current gamepad controls, keyboard and mouse offers much more control, especially for terraforming. I don't know enough about how this works, but I guess the problem lies within Astroneer's way to "announce" it's controls to In-Home Streaming? Could it be that it's interfering with the X360 controller support? Would it be possible for the devs to deactivate gamepad support and then test through In-Home Streaming? I know there are more posts on this issue here from 2016 and up to now, but I haven't seen a fix, or a reply on the issue? Btw. I would love to see better gamepad support in the future, I tested Farming Simulator 2017 which has excellent support, the UI automatically changes when you click a button on the keyboard or gamepad to reflect the keys/buttons on the device. Attached is a video of the problem. Notice the mouse pointer and how to camera rotates. Right mouse button is held down at all times. It stops rotating however when I stop moving the cursor (while still holding right mouse button), but it rotates faster the more I'm away from the point where I initiated the right-click. IMG_2663.mp4
  5. I was wondering if you guys are able to make this game Available to us Mac Users. That would be really great and I think theres any other game like this.
  6. I was wondering if you guys are able to make this game Available to us Mac Users. That would be really great and I think theres any other game like this.
  7. when played on a mac with parallels the game runs but you can not see the world or character you can see the menus and the death outline but not the world and the character I think its a world render bug or a display graphics bug
  8. Gkrier


    when willthe game be available to mac?
  9. Can you make PS4 and Mac versions of the game because I would buy it except I don't have a windows pc or an xbox 1. If you were to do Mac, you should put it on steam. I kind of want it on the ps4 more than the mac
  10. Gkrier

    Mac Suport

    Just asking when will this game be ported to mac. Really eager to play the game but not on my OS