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Found 4 results

  1. When somebody join my server, my fps being 20 - 30 fps but on normal its 80 - 100. do anyone know why? problaly its because of gpu usage. my gpu usage is %90 on normal but when somebody join its being %20 and not increasing. help pls My pc specs; GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX1060 DUAL OC GDDR5 3GBCPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600Motherboard: ASUS PRIME B350M-KRAM: Kingston 8 GB (1x8GB) HyperX Predator Black 3000MHzSSD: Samsung 250GB 860 EVO SATA 3.0 (Reading 550MB / Writing 520MB) HDD: WD 3.5" 1TB Caviar Blue SATA 3.0 7200Rpm 64MB Cache HDDOS: Microsoft Windows 10 ProPSU: XIGMATEK X-CALIBRE SERIES 600W Note: Game installed to SSD
  2. Hey guys, Has there been any news on a fix or a fixing patch on the fps problem everyone has? I just bought the game and enjoy it a lot except for the framerate part. I have literally tried every fix out there (NOSOUND, engine file in appdata) but none of them seem to work. Hardware is not a problem though, I'm running on a i5 4690k and a GTX 1070. I am reading some discussions about it dating back from december last year so this is a problem for some time now apparently. So are they planning on fixing it in the near future or do we have to wait for it after a beta release or...? I love this game a lot but this is kinda bugging me, still an amazing job guys!! (sorry for possible bad english, belgian over here)
  3. What seems to be dropping my fps is structures and rendering I have been hearing tethers and buildings cause lower fps obviously THEY DO but I believe rendering is the issue . So I walked around the entire planet pretty much and it doesn't remove non-viewable items even if not in render distance causing low fps which is not fixed when restarted or render distance changed. My fps got lower and lower as i explored more. I explored the map with tethers. So I can understand why people might think tethers are causing this. I noticed that structures and animated wind turbines and all types of structures in large amounts lower your fps a good deal as well I did 2 Tests on different worlds but the same planets I placed 50 tethers in a small radius and my frames dropped maybe 3fps did not render chunks I placed a bunch of random buildings and Found they do make fps drop by about 10 I placed 50 maxed tethers going north and my frames dropped significantly it rendered many new chunks I walked the same length as the 50 tethers on a new world and there was no difference in fps from the tether length test Not the most in depth test but I believe its 90% rendering issues and maybe 10% structures.Obviously the game isn't optimized and that would help Specs GTX 1060 6GB MSI GAMING OC to 1705 mhz I5 6600k 4.3 OC Unparked Here are some odd fixes that sometimes Improve FPS Right click astroneer>properties>set launch options -nosound works for like 70% of people in improving framerates but you will play with no sound. Playback devices select your speakers change down to 44100 CD I read somewhere that it helps if it doesn't turn it back up to 48000 etc
  4. I create a warehouse, and it is not latched on to the car, as a result it is impossible to take it, and there built the truck and the new planetary rovers do not go, if you sit in them. With the ship can fly, apparently there is another function of displacement. After building two bases slowly began to work the game, the FPS dropped. It is not clear why, most of the large number of buildings or from the game too long (on a particular planet or even a whole). It would be very foolish sin on my system settings. Sorry for my English. I am from another country. ---- Please consider these problems in future updates.