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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, just looking for a bit of support with getting better framerates while in game. Currently averaging around 30-40fps which is fine for solo but when a friend wants to join frames on my end drop significantly to highs of 10 or 12. Had a few system lock-ups. Tried some of the YouTube tutorials on changing settings in files but didn't help, tried changing graphics adapter options in my NVidia control panel, no help. Is it possible to run a dedicated Peer-to-Peer server from another machine (without opening ports) in the mean time, or without buying the game on an alt and running it from anothe
  2. So I have, up until the 1.0.9 update, had smooth frame rate in this game! But I updated the game and now two fps... plz help!!!!!
  3. I`m running the game as host and day 2 of playing the game the fps drops below playable <30 fps - Day 1 Game runs fine 60+ fps, did some exploring and little base building. - Day 2 Game starts at 60+ fps, did some more base building and exploring with tractor and then the FPS drops begin. CPU max 60% GPU max 90%. Lower my resolution from 1440P to 720P no effect! All setting to LOW no effect, restart the game had no effect. Running game on i7 7700, 1060 3gb, 16gig, ssd, win 10(newest drivers) Are more people having this problem or is there a fix for this? This Dutch
  4. I am having trouble when I am around my base which is having only 2 FPS but when I walked far from my base it goes up but also much lower than it used to be. Base is okay i think, not many things compared to big base because my friends and I just started not long ago. PLEASE HELP!
  5. Dear, System Era Hi I love this game and i also play ASTRONEER like any of you guys, but i think i'm the only one that plays the game in slow motion. I MEAN IT! It's so hard to just venture and explore the universe..(gasp) I want to ask you System Era i'm looking at U! How do i make the game much more of an experience to explore the world (I meant how to make the FPS better? I already tried everything i know from changing the engine.ini and game.ini and all of that!)? And can you (System Era) make the games graphics more adjustable or something to help me? PLEEAASSSS.....! I use
  6. Ive been playing one world for a pretty long time now, and the more I explore,the more the game lags. Please fix or the game gets unplayable after about 10 hours. I have a i7 4770K And a GTX 1070, so im pretty sure this is an optimization issue. Please fix this because i and many other people love the game and want to play but the low FPS makes it hard to play
  7. Steps taken for issue to occur Play and build a base (see attached save game) Outcome Low fps. Restart nor re-save fixed this problem. Expected outcome(s) Higher fps. While it was a steady 60 (vsync) before, somewhere during building the base it dropped to 33fps. System specifications CPU: i5-4690 MEM: 16GB GPU: GTX 1070 OS: Win10 Resolution: 1920x1200 AUTOSAVE_1_2017.01.16-21.51.30.sav
  8. Playing on an Alienware 17 laptop with keyboard and mouse. Basically I was getting very low FPS and couldn't figure out why. I have a lot of tethers all over my planet. I was trying to place enough down to cover the circumference of the planet, also I have a bunch in the underground caves. I noticed as I was putting more down my fps was getting lower and lower. Once I disconnected the long line of tethers I had my fps was fixed. So I don't know how much memory the tethers take up in the server (or palnet) but it seems to me the more you build the lower fps you will have, which makes sens
  9. I have been noticing lately that my FPS gets rather low and at the same time my screen resolution ALSO keeps resetting the same same time . now it is just a speculation but i thin this might be one of the reason many people are getting low FPS , every time i re select my res. the FPS stays desirable. then everytime my FPS gets low again i look back in options and BAM its back at the HIGHEST setting ( in my case 1920x1080 ). I think if u can somehow lock in the selected res from the user you could solve this plz test it
  10. I have a decent pc and its running other bigger games rly good but when i want to play ASTRONEER its not good. My fps is around 20fps but i want a little more. In the optios there just 3 options in the Graphic title: draw distance, vsync and resolution. I hope it will be optimalized better or there will be add more options to graphic.
  11. If I play 4 hours in a world, My fps goes down to about ~10 This is terrible to play, It makes users possible to play the game well enough Please optimize the game more !! Because this game is wonderful
  12. Please add this! I've gotten SO MUCH LAG AND LOW FPS these last two worlds. Not even from tethers, we've taken up most of them.. Just from the amount of wind turbines, batteries, and solar panels we have put up in an attempt to have unlimited power while in caves (tunneling, building ramps to moon, etc). Also it'd help with when I accidentally put resin on which turns it into a platform, and it glitches inside another platform beside it.. Please and thank you <3<3<3 ?
  13. hey there, i can't seem to join anyone, i click 'join game' as said , tried from desktop AND ingame on home menu, after 'joining' i get a blue sky screen and the game freezes: also when other people join me the fps goes down to 2 to 3 fps.... they seem to be fine though.
  14. These were all on terran unless stated. patch When hooking up a train of rovers (in this case 3 with cabins on the ends and 1 big solar panel and 1 big windvane on the outer cars), performance gets .5 second hickups every 3 seconds I felt a clear performance drop from around 60 to 20 when at the same time I saw either the tundra planet very close, or a quarter slice of terran itself maybe (known bug) When you put a thether in the backpack by clicking on the dude, it dissapears Vehicals cannot drive on the moon (barren) bcs low grav.. Maybe intentional. But truck j
  15. When im connected with a tether i have around 20-30FPS and when im not connected i have 50-60FPS, Is this only for me and is it possbile to fix? DxDiag.txt
  16. Getting 22 fps max fps 24 on the new patch, someone with the same problem? Screenshot 1 : Screenshot 2 : I had a 40fps on this same world, same base. My Config : R9 270@1100/1450 FX 6300@4.3 8Gb Ram
  17. so I just got astroneer and whenever I get into the game the fps drops super low and the game is rendered unplayable. I did some searching and for some reason it has to do with the game sound so I disabled it. I can play it without game sound but I feel that it takes away from the game. Just wondering if there is any other way to fix this problem. Is there maybe a driver I have to download I don't know. Please help!!!!
  18. Huy guys, i have a quite good graphic card: GTX 1080 Armor, but sometimes fps in the game is too low
  19. I understand that this is prealfa that many bugs may be present, okay, do not care for this, but my concern is that the game freezes and sometimes crashes. Of any bug fixes that when booting the subjects are somewhat behind of the backpack. The main claim to crashes and freezes. Correct them quickly. So do not hvatatet graphics settings (I don't like the blur when turning the camera, for example), and my laptop is far not new and not the most powerful. I look forward to corrections and input new content. Liked the game a lot of people, good luck and don't make stupid mistakes!:)
  20. I noticed that if I am close to tethers and refilling my oxygen, fps would drop significantly. I also noticed that the more tethers I have the worse it gets. For example, I placed tethers very far from my spawn point and the game got very laggy (only if I am connected to tethers). I am playing the game through Steam. Specs: 16GB RAM GTX 970 (Newest driver) I7 4790K OS: Windows 10
  21. Low FPS in Xbox One I write this in spanish: He jugado Astroneer por 3 o más horas. Durante la partida note que los fps empezaron a bajar poco a poco hasta el punto en que casi se vuelve imposible de jugar. Espero que System Era "pueda entender esto" y solucionar el problema en Xbox pronto. I hope that someone understand: I played the game for 3 or more hours. The time passed and fps began low at the point that it is impossible to play. I wait that System Era can repair the game in Xbox soon.
  22. Started the game with a new save. Digged out a crashed ship. Build a line of tethers into a cave. After a while the game became pretty much unplayable. I tried to pick up a tether in the cave, experienced a graphical glitch on it. Game froze, then crashed. Since then the save it pretty much unplayable due to very low FPS.