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Found 4 results

  1. The trading plattform is way too loud when the rocket starts/lands on it... =D the volume level should be halfed...
  2. When reconnecting to tethers, occasionally the noise the game makes that indicates that the oxygen tank is refilling gets louder and louder and doesn't go away until the game is saved 1-17-2017_8-45-04_PM.mp4
  3. GameNinja99

    Annoying Oxygen Sound

    So every time I fill up on oxygen. Once I'm full there's this super annoying sound. Is this intentional because it is KILLING my ears!?! Otherwise, besides performance, I LOVE THIS GAME! (from watching youtube since I cannot play)
  4. Gogopikachu46

    Teather noise bug

    Hi guys I just wanted to report this strange occurrence in my game, I believe it is a bug becouse it is loud and painful. Basically what happens is sometimes during my game when I am connected to a tether line a strange loud painful noise blasts from my computer speakers, i am using the PC edition of Astroneer and I have only had it about 4 days and this started on around the 2nd day. I thought it would go away if I kept playing however it started as a quite noise that turned into a roar, it was frustrating and forced me to return to my base to save and exit each time. This is extremely frustrating becouse i enjoy this game tons and can't really give much evidence or explanation however when I am away from my tether line (Not connected to it) the sound dissipates slowly. If any of you guys have this issue or know of a way to fix it please let me know! Also how do I turn down the sound IN astroneer? I tried the other day using the sound settings in the game but they would not save am I doing something wrong? I don't know any way other than leaving my tethers to stop the noise and that could mean death by suffocation if I don't have an air tank or some oxygen blocks or filters on me! - Thanks guys! Also Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it! And Happy new year to u all!