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Found 3 results

  1. djcad2017


    I keep trying to dig down to the core on Vesania but keep losing saves. I even put a field shelter about half way down, and then when I dig down to the Core & Activate the Gateway Engine and jump to the surface and try to get in a rover for saving, it crashes and I lose an hours worth of work. It’s hard to keep enough lifelines & Oxygen to make it to the Core.
  2. djcad2017

    Saved game

    When I loaded my last game, which I just played yesterday, most of the progress that I had made yesterday was gone.
  3. Hello I'm having random crashes , patches of terrain where I fall in but there is no hole? , vehicles will randomly disappear from my space station when I turn around , game will not save previous data , but will save the empty resources spots where I previously grabbed resources on my last save, and random freezing where I can do nothing as the system freezes and loops that awful skipping sound , anyone else experiencing this (XBOX ONE S) or only me ?? I've lost out on a lot of saves (lost data) , many rare resources , and lots of valuable building time and effort ... UPDATE 1/26/17 : both profile saves that I had (2) have dissapeared! Both profiles that I had saved with much time and effort involved and put forth , have been lost? Turned my system on to play and yes both profile saves have magically disappeared/deleted anyone else experience this problem ? How can this issue be fixed?