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Found 2 results

  1. Have laid back on Astroneer as it seems pretty buggy... but gave it another go. So - just lost YET ANOTHER Rover - insta-evaporate in a cave. Got out to get some POWER and looked around and no Rover in sight! This is the 3rd vehicle I've lost this way. Also the crazy 'jumping vehicle" but is still around... At least I HOPE it is a bug and not a feature. A big PITA to get out of your vehicle and have it do insane flopping and jumping for no good reason. A wonderful game - just not really ready for any serious play - far to easy to loose hours of work thru no error or mistake. The Save System is a bummer as well. There appears to be only ONE current save - and if you restore a game from a week ago - too bad - your current game is now that week old game - No going back! Sorry hard-core Dayz-vets - This pseudo-permadeath is NOT fun. Think it is time to wait for a few releases to go by and see if the game gets a bit more forgiving... even as a pre-release Alfa this is pretty unstable.
  2. Just went back to my previous save, and not only is the Rover lost in the "void" but I now notice that 8 Storage panels of Hydrazine and Aluminum, Copper and some goodies lying on the ground - are all GONE! I get it that this is an early-alfa - but this sort of thing really makes the game difficult to continue with. That and the very destructive "Save" system... Very discouraging to try and put much effort in the game if for no reason they will just evaporate! Starting over isn't too hard - but does get a bit tedious... Think I may have to step back a bit until a few more releases are done. Nice game, great concept, but really a bit too 'raw' for a paid pre-release. Best of luck!