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Found 3 results

  1. Summary: - items disappeared after packaging Description: When playing a co-op game, individual items packaged at the core of Vesania disappeared entirely along with the packager. This did not happen for items attached to a large rover, but did occur for the large rover itself, a medium battery, and an RTG that were on the "floor" next to the rover. This occurred after traversing a previously-dug ramp to the center of the planet, and the gateway engine had also previously been activated. Both players (host and joined friend) experienced the same glitch when attempting to package free-standing items. Platform: Steam Version/Build Number:
  2. All of a sudden astroneer started continually crashing on me within 20seconds of me joining our dedicated server. It started about 15 minutes ago when the game randomly crashed while I was in a cave on desolo. upon restarting and reentering our server I noticed that all the mods on my terrain tool were gone! everything in my backpack was still there though, so this pissed me off tremendously as I had drill mod 3 already, so now I could go and waste resources on that again. So I started to go back to the surface to do so, and while in the process of that, BOOM another crash. the kind of crash is weird too, it just shuts off like that. No error message or whatever, just BOOM back to desktop, no warning, no error message, nothing. since then I have tried joining over 7 times, all ending in me crashing either before it was even fully loaded in, or within 20 seconds of actually making it in. We have restarted the server, I have validated the game files 2 times already, nothing seems to work. all the while my friend is happily running around in the server no problem. This really pissed me off as we have been playing a lot all of last week, and have come very far already, dodging and weaving our way through what is already quite a buggy mess if I'm honest. We crashed in space, in a rocket, with the thing being stuck up there, and us respawning at base, vehicles falling through the ground, multiple lost inventories, countless random deaths at the teleporters, planet cores that suddenly stopped providing oxygen and the list goes on! But at least it was somewhat playable and enjoyable, now I can't even do that anymore. I see you guys have big plans on bringing more and more content into the game, but I'd rather see you guys sitting down to fix the countless problems first, before making the scope of the game even bigger than it already is. Sincerely, Someone who is trying really hard to enjoy your game
  3. So my friend and i were Playing and i was Out with our large rover in a cave system while he was at the base (he’s the host) he saved the game right before this happened and the game crashed. I came Back to the home base with our rover lost with unknowns and batteries in the cave system. Any advice or know of a way we can get our stuff back. Thanks