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Found 3 results

  1. v.215 Windows PC (Win10 PRO), Windows Store, Keyboard and Mouse Please address the issue of the resources pooping off the terrain tool and falling into the planet forever! What is with the wind turbine? you are in a blizzard and they don't turn, period... one would think in that kind of wind they would spin. It's not just the storms tho, you can be in a area and the environment shows wind blowing but the turbines just sit there. These are the two biggest bugs / pet peeves I have with the game ATM.
  2. Hi. I tried to play again. I couldn't select the loot in a space module wreck, it was like it wasnt there. Shortly after the game crashed too. My computers specs: I play on steam, with Windows 10. Logitech G110 keyboard, Logitech trackball instead of mouse. CPU is Intel i5-6500, GPU is Radeon RX 480. 32 GB RAM.
  3. Hello fellow humans! I seem to of run across a possible bug with the tethers. When picking up a tether and using TAB to "quick loot" it into my backpack the tether vanishes. I have tried without a tether in my backpack and with 1-4 in there and the amount never rises. I can still just move it into a slot to loot it, but who wants to manually place something somewhere when you can just instantly 'poof' it where you want it to go. I play on steam with a keyboard/mouse combo and it is a fresh save.