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Found 3 results

  1. I have a bug where I land on a planet or moon and the rocket just launches before I can get out. I can't stop it now, it just keeps happening and I can no longer play the game. Platform: PC/Steam Version 1.0
  2. Hello, the solar panels on my rover-train turn on while stopped in a cavern. I waited until it happened again then captured this. Also when I connected it to the outpost the power loop began and I could smelt and research for free. Power loop: Small solar panel: Medium solar panel: I love the game btw
  3. First BIG Fan, would love to get more involved. BUG: When setting out the oxygen line if you lose first connection when/if oxygen line fines "better" path. THE BIG PROBLEM: When you make a cave run, and lay out O2-line, if you find a different connection back to power the O2 line breaks its original run and connects the other way. Now you can't follow your trail back out since that line is dead. Ver: Alpha 0.7.0, and 6/14/2018 Ver Alpha 0.8.0 FIX: Take out the line of code that "only finds path straight line to source" Or add a line that says "IF connection_already_exists THAN add this source point to the acceptable array of lines. Email my account if you need more info, Lastly, just saw you guys on E3! This game is already, but will grow to be GotY! O2line.bmp