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Found 2 results

  1. This is my first post on here. Please be kind. Hello fellow Astroneers! I have been thinking about automation for a while now. It is pretty tedious to not have a simple way of transporting items in the game, either its on a vehicle on your backpack. I am mostly focusing on underground use for the conveyors, but they are needed above ground too for short distances, i.e if you have a small table for a furnace/soil centrifuge and want to move the resources to a separate storage area. Picture this: You are far underground, searching for a rare material. You only have 8 slots on your backpack, and you need a lot of it. Instead of having to go up and down that steep pathway several times, you can craft a conveyor belt that will transport the items back up that hill for you, saving you a lot of time. They wont supply oxygen They should require power, either from the connecting table up top or from small batteries (Last conveyor should have 2 slots for small batteries, preferably on the sides) They require Bytes to unlock They should cost 1000 Bytes (Not a typo) They are the same length as a regular cable/Extender Requires "Backpack Printer" They should cost 1 Copper, giving it a brown-ish/red look. Now you might be thinking that this is way too OP and it should cost about 2000 instead of 1000. Well I had a thought mid-typing. Introducing.. Conveyor Belt Mk. 2 Still no oxygen Still require power, now have space for 1 medium battery (front of last conveyor preferably) Same length Can now fit 2 items side by side. Slightly faster than Mk.1 Should cost 2500 Bytes Requires Small Printer They should cost 1 Copper, and 1 Alumin(i)um, giving it a reddish look with white accents And lastly, Conveyor Belt Mk. 3 No oxygen Still requires power Slightly longer connector between them Slightly faster than Mk.2 Can fit 2 medium batteries, 1 on each side of last conveyor Should cost 3750 Bytes Requires Small Printer They should cost 1 Copper, and 1 Titanium, giving it a reddish look with "Titanium-like" accents. All 3 should look similar to the Extender or Floodlight, Example: All 3 should also have the feet that makes it steady, as opposed to it flying around upon slightest touch. I do not know what the actual belt should look like, maybe the belt can just be the power connector. Please reply if I missed something, though I think I covered everything. Thanks for reading, have a good day!
  2. When I am playing I usually set up a main base in a planet (or moon) so usually the bases i have in other planets become useless and if i need to get materials from other planet i preffer to use the trade platform if posible because of the pain and the times it takes having to move with you and your ship the materials between panets. That is why i suggest implementing the Railgun and the Railgun target to send materials between bases. The railgun consumes electricity and once charged shoots the material in its main inventory hole, then it starts recharging and moves anything in connected inventories towards itself.The railgun target is where the shoots of the railgun will fall. It conects to the railgun using spooky magic (or as i like to call it electromagnetic waves) to send its position and you can select within the railgun between all the the posible targets to launch the materials. I send a picture to ilustrate better this idea: Railgun.bmp