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Found 3 results

  1. Platforme :STEAM Hi everyone, I got some wierd stuff with my cosmetics suit. All of them get locked again and the exclusive RETRO suit only avalabe for player who buy the game before 1.0 release just be gone forever. I succeeded to get the exotic suit, the terran suit, sylva palette color, vesania palette color, novus palette color, the blue and the pink visor color. After doing a "save and quit game" on the planet vesania, i reloaded my save 2h after and when i spawn i was wearing the basic blue suit. I check my cosmetics suit list and everything except t
  2. I would appreciate being able to lock storage units in place as well as other things, even resources in place by Holding RT when I put them down, or long click on PC. When "locked" in those items shouldn't be auto-selected but rather ignored by the auto-cursor as you're just looking around. In order to "unlock" those things or items you should long click or press to pick them up again. I would like this because I spend far too long moving things onto the trade station rocket and accidentally picking up the entire storage unit rather than each item as well as the storage unit off the nex
  3. Hey there, I was playing in my survival adventure, and there was a guy that joined my world randomly and destroyed my world/base... So, is it maybe a good Idea to make a voting system so you can see who wants to join your world, and that you have two options {Accept/Denied} so that people not can join if you don't want it? Btw, I am not mad about it, but maybe a good Idea Thanks, for your time!