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Found 4 results

  1. As a german chemist, I must say, there is one serious (yet inconsequential) error in the translation that is bugging me a lot. In the german version you don't collect "Compound", you collect "Gemisch". Compund (ger. Verbindung) describes a substance that is comprised of two or more chemical elements that are in any sort of chemical bond with each other, whereas Gemisch (eng. mixture) describes a substance that is comprised of two or more chemical elements (and/or compunds) that do NOT share any kind of chemical bond. These two are therefor (from a chemist's point of view) fundamentally differe
  2. Hi, I'm native Russian speaker with fluent English. I can make & improvise Russian localization for you. I have relevant experience and want to make it for free. Feel free to contact / pm. BR, Alex
  3. I rarely play games in anything but English (because quality of Russian localization tends to be abysmal), but since Astroneer decided to launch in Russian the first time around that poor excuse of a machine translation has been nagging me, begging to be fixed. So, community-sourced translation. Usually it's done as such: developers create a project on github, upload original strings file and an example of a translated strings file, list languages they're interested in (via folder structure or creating blank files) and assign a couple volunteer moderators per language. After that things p
  4. Hey! I'm noticed some funny thing in russian localization. A platform that used for traiding called "Продать платформу". It will be more correct to call it "Торговая платформа"