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Found 3 results

  1. I've always enjoyed playing Astroneer but I feel like it would be much better with splitscreen. I play video games with my brother and it sucks that we have to take turns playing. It would be much more enjoyable and make exploring/building much easier and much more fun it this feature was added! I would love to see this happen and I know the community would as well. Keep up the great work!
  2. I would like the option of two players playing together.
  3. Now these ideas can get huge agreement and also huge disagreement. But for multiplayer, considering the current bugs and inconsistencies, what if similar to Minecraft you had dedicated servers either hosted or (since that is quite expensive) client-hosted by private parties? This would allow for most of the game logic to be handled purely by code and the game logistics receiving the data (probably only the changes and active actions) from the dedicated server and then rendering it from each client's computer within their range of view. This would probably allow for easier consistency, less bugs, and quite a lot of other simple fixes. Local multiplayer for split screen via multiple controllers might be something to consider if a computer is powerful enough to do so, and following the same concepts for consistency and simpler rendering allocation this should definitely be doable. Now the idea of the server being a separate entity would be a wonderful option if more than four people could play at a time and once there is a lot more to do in the game, which is greatly anticipated as of now. However, hosting a multiplayer via steam like currently so is already a wonderful idea, and if the bugs could be fixed and consistency be allowed so that all the logistics and code is instead run on the host computer and thus sends the data for rendering to other clients, this will help with the inconsistency bugs for inability to pick up items for clients, difference in research toast notifications, inconsistency for trade platform availability, and the inconsistency involving resources still showing on client screens when already dug up by a different client (or by the host). But regardless, these bugs are to be expected for a game in pre-alpha: the fact that multiplayer is even an option now is pretty amazing. Expect to see much more positive changes in the future which will help the game grow, including the multiplayer experience!