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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I've been having this issue since yesterday, it happens that every time I try to join my friend's CO-OP game, I get stuck on the "Loading Solar System" loading screen, but this is not all, when the white bar of "Loading Solar System" reaches its limit, my friend is able to see that my character appears and can also see I can make emotes but not move, in my case I'm not able to see it because I still stuck on the "Loading Solar System" loading screen, even on some occasions I can hear the sound of the game and the sound my character makes when is making emotes (I press the emote buttons just to make sure my friend can see I can join to his game but also I'm completly stuck in the loading screen). I waited on the loading screen "Loading the Solar System" for about 5-7 minutes and at the end it said "Failed to Connect to Host". I tried EVERYTHING, reinstalling Astroneer and Steam, adjusting the Firewall, removing the loading screen videos from the "Movies" folder, restarting my PC obviously, trying to join CO-OP through Steam invite and directly into Astroneer CO-OP "Join Game" option. It should be noted that just before this error happened, my astroneer crashed and next to this the computer froze, then I restarted the PC and tried to join to my friends game and this error just started to happen. Please HELP!!:c
  2. After the last update I cannot load my world. Every timeI try to click on the save the game freeze or I click on load but it goes back. I don't know how to resolve this problem. I also tried to remove the game or verify game files but nothing to do. Someone has the same issue?
  3. hi hello i just got the game recently, but whenever i run the game it gets stuck on the loading screen. I tried the deleting the mp4 files thing but it still didnt work. I can hear the start menu bg music and hear the sound effects for hitting esc on my keyboard. but im still stuck in the loading screen. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  4. The streamer I mod has an 8700k with a 1070ti. Mine is an Asus Q504UA laptop with an I5. His game was dropping frames like mine does, so he saves and restarted the game but didn't allow enough tie for the files to clear from the system. So when it reloaded it was still borked, using the same files that had not reset, and the glitch happened. The computer Freezes on the black loading screen. The interesting thing is that to get past it, you LEFT click your mouse. For some reason, it instantly moves past the loading screen. My laptop does this every time regardless of if it is a fresh boot and game start or not.
  5. Whenever I attempt to load into my game I can't even cant get passed the loading screen with the orbit of the planets. My game just closes without there being an error tab.
  6. Hi! So my bug happens when i start the game through steam, everything goes fine until i start the actual loaded game. Thats when it just keeps loading and loading without actually any sucess. I tried restarting the computer and checking for updates, but nothing makes it better! Need help!
  7. Hey! I've been having some glitches, many crashing my whole computer with the last sound being played over and over again. The one that causes me to fall into the ground seems to be achievable by just running everywhere in an impatient loop. Tripping over rocks and suck is probably why, but then I just spawn above ground and all is well. The next one is when I'm in a cave, or in a flat plain, sometimes it crashes my whole computer like it overwhelmed my CPU or something. The last one is when I click: Exit to main menu, then it loads for a bit, drops down to 7fps, then won't move for the next hour. I play on a win8.1 64bit 1tb with a gt 710 ddr5 graphics card AMD A4-6300 Dual-Core 3.7GHz Processor CPU Radeon HD 8370D Graphics and 8 gb of ddr3 ram. Files are the last two on my manifest, one is really long, the other doesn't even require scrolling. Thank you so much! And I love the game, can't stop playing! -Wolfgang. Manifest_DebugFiles_Win64.txt Manifest_NonUFSFiles_Win64.txt
  8. Ok, so i have a problems. i bought the game 1 year (on steam ) ago and my old pc couldn't start astroneer beacause he was too weak. Recently i have changed my pc, and now, the game is starting normaly but when i'm coming on the "select champ" screen, the game is stop by windows ( watch the picture ). i tried many times te restart the game, he is always do that since i have my new pc. Sorry for the spelling mistakes, i'm not english. Cordially, Fideass