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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. When loading a large save weighing more than 10 megabytes, the game crashes with an error not enough memory. If at the same time you look at the use of RAM, you can see how it is filled to the maximum and starts using the swap file. When the paging file ends, or Windows decides that too much memory is used up, the game crashes. If the save weighs less than 10 megabytes, then you can see how the game uses more and more RAM when loading, but as soon as the world loads, use abruptly bounces back. All this leads to the fact that you cannot load your save. If you play long enough and then exit the game it will load, you will not be able to. Please tell me how to solve this problem or when to wait for the fix of the game.
  2. I absolutely love this game. I understand it is pre-alpha, but despite the fact it's pre-alpha it is such a beautiful game. And well done might I add. The one bug that keeps popping up quite frequently is the resource bug when playing with friends. Though it isn't just resources, it's also objects. When entering the hosts world in Terran I can see most things, in some locations, it doesn't load the resources or objects. When we traveled to another planet I couldn't see any resources and I couldn't see structures. So far, the host can see and build everything because they are the host. but when I look around I can see what they are building, but as soon as its built it is no longer visible to me. I can only see research items when the hosts picks it up, and I cannot see resources at all. I feel like for future development this would need to be tweaked for efficient Multiplayer gaming. Also the host tried resetting their game to see if that would fix it, but it didn't fix anything. When we returned, I still couldn't see anything as previously mentioned. I feel this only happens sometimes, but it still kinda sucks when joining a multiplayer game. Other than that, fantastic game