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  1. Hello, My game (Steam, controller) crashes when I load into my world. This started early on, and normally once I restarted after a crash it worked. But now I need to restart the game/my computer several times before I am able to load in. I suspect this is because my file size has gotten larger (i.e. the problem was not as severe early-game). Reducing graphics seems to have made the problem better but has not eliminated it. Thank you.
  2. hello, My games wouldnt save on PS4 i had an issue where everytime i got into my vehicle/house or tried to go to to main menu the game crashed so i was stuck in the same spot, i reported this and recieved a refund, with this i got the game on Steam so i could play on my PC as i do genuinely love this game, then after building on every planet and unlocking loads my game saves or back up saves wont load up the game lets me create a new game but i got really far and really dont want to have to go through it all over again... is this crashing due to a bug in in the planet? shall i stop building on my planets? how to prevent this happening in the future as i have already had to restart this game 4 times due to bugs and i really dont want this to happen again
  3. Critical Bug - Game Doesn't Load Ever since the exploration update, I have been unable to load the game. I click play, the game "opens" in the sense that it goes to a black screen, and the icon appears on the task bar. That's as far as it goes. I don't hear anything. I don't see anything. It just never loads. I've tried verifying files. I've tried deleting and redownloading it. Nada. Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Couldn't find any way to open a support ticket. My game crash on loading a saved game. I have searched and tried various solutions, they have failed or inadequate. That stack overflow error(if that's what it is) makes the game a waste of time for me. Between work, marriage and family life it feels disrespectful towards my hard earned free time. My specs are - OS: Windows 7 64 bit Motherboard: z370 aorus gaming 7 CPU: i7-8700K 3.7GHz RAM: 32GB DDR4 F1200 CL17 RAM Dual-Channels GFX Card: Nvidia Geforce 770 4GB I successfully host arma3 coop servers on this setup. I'd hope you'll help me to change my review into a positive one, I would love to do it! I've added my logs in a rar file in the mail I've sent to from the mail I've logged into this website. Please redeem this game from its mess! Regards, Tuxu.
  5. OK here is a detailed description of the problem The save won't load. when I try the game gets stuck and puts enormous pressure on my GPU (which usually easily runs this game). I have tried to reinstall the game but that does not help at all. I have tried to delete the cloud save What am I supposed to do here? Not to mention the countless other bugs. I mean the usually 20+ times you fall through the ground and have lost my items half of those times That all the rovers that take more time to get unstuck than it would just tethering there tunnels not loading for my friend in co-op that results in killing him rockets sometimes not working for my friend in coop. countless graphic-bugs (mostly with power indicators in battery turbines ext) but a looot of other stuff too. I'm sorry for this but. How can a game have tons of more bugs after a full release than before? I mean the beta testers can't have done their jobs very good. Okay, I can live with these bugs (Although they are very annoying) BUT when I can't load a save for no reason I get really annoyed. My friend and I have poured 70 + hours each into that world.... please fix or I'm rather going to play Tetris instead cause there you don't have to spend more than a third of you playing time to try and solve bugs. and another third to reclaim the progress you lot to those bugs. This may be a rant but I love this game but its so freaking sloppy like you threw the game out there to manage to release it on time. I'de rather wait than to get my progress smashed. many people seem to have this issue. What can we do to get our saves going
  6. Once loaded into Astroneer after update, I can not access my most recent play-through. I am able to load into saves that were started earlier this month, but not my most recent. The clip attached is not my own, but mirrors the problem. So far I have verified game files on Steam, and gone to the native save games folder and renamed the save file with no changes in outcome. The Save Game can not be edited in game either, I had to go to Astro/Saved/Saved Games to make the change. 2019-02-16_09-03-49.mp4
  7. Summary: can`t load the world Description: Hi, I have the problem where I try to load my world that i and my buddy have spent about 60+ hours grinding on won't load at all. I click load world and I come to the planetary system and it starts to spin for about 5 sec and freezes along with the entire game. Is there any way to fix the problem or are 60+ hours gone by the wind?. Yes, I have the latest version. Platform: Steam Specifications: OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel i7 7700HQ GPU: GTX 1050ti RAM: 8GB Drive: 128GB SSD
  8. Tried out the game on xbox with the free trial. Trial ended, and I purchased the full game. Returned to the game exactly where I was. Played for about 4 or 5 additional hours. I made sure to enter the home base to save several times. Game toast message said it was saving. Quit the game, and turned off my xbox. Hours later, the save is not there. I ejected with another explorer and quit immediately. On the main screen, a new save appeared, but only the explorer's. I assume it's a bug with the free trial feature. But nevertheless, it's left a terribly sour taste. I can't see myself playing this game for another few months. Sucks
  9. So when I save and quit and load back in a either man made, or deep cave I'll just float straight up through walls until I hit another cave or the surface. I think this is just a early access bug but if there is a way to fix it let me know.
  10. This has been happening since before the last patch. After loading save file or exiting a new world, the screen turns black. Everything works because i can still hear everything. Please help...
  11. Summary: 0.6.2 - Steam - Tela Preta/Black Screen Description: Ao iniciar o jogo está tudo normal mas quando faço o carregamento de um partida simplesmente fica em uma tela preta onde somente aparece o ponteiro. Ao apertar ESC aparece a tela de configurações, ao apertar em voltar ao menu este também esta totalmente preto aparecendo somente o ponteiro. Se eu criar um novo jogo, tudo funciona normalmente, mas se eu fechar e recarregar meu jogo salvo, a tela preta aparece como descrito acima... ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When starting the game everything is normal, but when loading a game, it will simply be on a black screen where only the pointer appears. When I press ESC, the settings screen appears, selecting to return to the main menu is also totally black with only the pointer appearing. If I create a new game, all occurs normally but if I close the game and reload my game save, the black screen appears as described above... Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.6.2 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 3.2ghz GPU: GTX 1070TI RAM: Corsair 8GB DDR4 3200Hz Drive: Crucial 275Gb M.2
  12. When you dig a hole and collect all the resources in one place, the name of those resources (that hovered over that spot) will disappear. Upon (re)loading the game however, the name will show up again even though there's nothing left.
  13. Hello! I'm having a problem loading the saved game on Xbox One to play in the Windows 10 version. The game shows the game saved in the initial menu, but when I click on it to continue the game, it closes. It was working normally, but from yesterday to today gave this problem.
  14. Ever since I got the game, I've been having issues with tethers. Let's say I spend a bunch of time making this huge long tether system out to the middle of nowhere, save my game, and exit. If I load up my world again, the tethers are not connected to each other. They are all there in the exact same spot, but I'm not getting oxygen, and the blue line isn't showing. To fix this, I need to start from my base, pick up the tethers, and place them again. Going off of the example, I'll be out far away from my base with no oxygen source. This is a huge problem, as I have a lot of tethers placed down and it screws me up having to replace them all. Is this a known bug, and is there a possible cause for this? Thanks.
  15. Velocity_9

    Help me

    my main world won't open.please help me me my main world won't open when i am on the game menu with my save games i click on my main shows the text of the forum and stuff but it keeps loading won't let me in my saved other worlds work fine but this one doesn't.does someone have a fix for it i really don't wanna start another game i have way too much progress on this here are the 2 files.the 2 files are of the same world can someone please help me??? admin,moderator,owner,,???????? AUTOSAVE_2_2017.01.17-22.12.28.sav AUTOSAVE_2_2017.01.17-22.12.33.sav
  16. When loading on the notice screen(we'all build this game together, work in progress)the loading often stops and the game freezes, you have to return to the Xbox home screen and return to the game a couple times before it starts turning Again, it's not an immediate problem but it would be a lot better if startup times were quicker. Thanks
  17. I just bought the game, and I was really excited to play. However, every time I start the game, it always freezes before I can get started. It will always make it to the screen with the message from the System Era Team, but most often it will stop there. Once or twice I have made it to the Launch screen, but the game would always freeze before I could click anything to start the game. I have Windows 10 Home and I'm on a laptop, if that makes any difference.
  18. Steam, Keyboard/Mouse. Exactly as title says. I printed a habitat to place on a shuttle, and brought some materials to set up a working base on a new planet. Flew to an Exotic Planet, then plopped down my habitat and built a base around it. At first, it wasn't respawning me from there when I died, and eventually I started throwing myself into harm to see why I wasn't respawning there. Eventually I did, and I really wanted to stop playing for the night anyways, so I went to save my game and quit. I hopped in my habitat, then decided quit to menu and reload; I had a lot of waste Organic stacks lying around and I wondered if it would unload them or not, so I went to reload. Upon loading my world, a giant rock spawned right on my Habitat, complete with a research chunk on top. I ended up using the chunk for research as I was stuck inside my Habitat anyways, unable to get out (clipping with the rock, couldn't move, could only go in and out repeatedly). But the rock DEFINITELY was not there when I built my Habitat. As a bonus, I tried loading the save the next day, and fell through the ground when I hopped out, falling into a cave (I used this opportunity to build a second habitat and save from there which thankfullly hasn't spawned another rock). The rock took up most of the space in the cave, too. And on the matter of these generated rocks, I tried placing a tether on top of a nearby one (part of the path from my shuttle to my base) and it fell through. Rocks have multiple problems, and I wish they could just be destroyed.
  19. Hello everyone, after a great night with my friend yesterday, I wanted to load my multiplayer save with him. After selecting the savegame, the load screen appeared for a second, and then the game crashed and the UE crash handler sent a crash report. I retried it a few times, one after validating the game cache, one with a slightly older autosave, still the same. Here are some files. The first log is from yesterday, when we played (some bugs, but I guess they are known: we both sometimes fell through the world (I think because the chunk wasnt loaded properly/yet), and we both could place tethers from a car everywhere.) The second log is from today, when I first tried loading the savegame. The third and fourth are the next two attempts to load the game. I also added the Astro.log file, because it shows a rather ominous "Fatal error" without information, and the savegame, so you can reproduce the error. Thank you very much, Marvin PS: My System: Intel i7-4770k, 12GB RAM, GTX 970, Win 7 SP1 Astro-backup-2017.01.02-22.38.42.log Astro-backup-2017.01.03-11.18.13.log Astro-backup-2017.01.03-11.22.07.log Astro-backup-2017.01.03-11.22.42.log Astro.log AUTOSAVE_0_2017.01.02-23.47.55.sav
  20. Whenever I try to load it just puts me in a random cave then it says I have low oxygen I have no idea where my base is and I have lots of items on me so I don't want to die. I am playing a laptop with windows 10 using keyboard and mouse.
  21. This has been happening for the last two days. Whenever I try to load my save game with the most progress on it, the game will show the loading screen for about a second and then crash. If anybody knows how to fix this it would be extremely helpful and much appreciated (Oh yeah, and this pops up after it crashes)
  22. Played for about 15 hours and now it won't load. Says : Astroneer is attempting to launch with the following parameters. " ". Framerate is really bad, and both vehicles have stopped working. kinda sounds like the engines are stripped out or something. lol. Don't know if that has anything to do with not loading but thought I'd mention it. Going to try deleting saved games to see if that helps. Anyone know any secrets to get the game to load again? Love the game. Wish it would work. Alpha or not.
  23. If you extend platforms then reload the save file then use 2 resin to make a bench the bench is cut off from the rest of your grid. Example, a newly placed bench after a reload of the game will not gain power from a solar panel on the platform behind it.
  24. Mouse/keyboard? Controller? - Controller Steam? Xbox? Xbox One What were you doing leading up to this bug? Just loaded game. Had saved the game with a piece of research on the research platform, fully powered. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Load a saved game with a fully powered research platform and the research connected to the platform. Upon loading the "i" icon will not appear. To allow the icon to appear; detach and reattach the piece of research. Include any media you want. Feel free to attach images, videos, and so on to your post.
  25. I played a couple of hours today (latest steam beta) and everything was fine. After a break i reloaded my save and had bad fps drops near my base down to 1 - 5 fps, afterwards the game crashed. Before i made the break i had constant 59/60 fps (v sync enabled). After the massive fps drop i was just building a train of 3 transporters (crane, 2 battery, 2 seats, storage, solar module, windfarm) and the game crashed. i submitted the report when the game crashed. On one connection of one of my trucks is suddenly a tiny bit of an organic stack (two bits) which i can not pick up or remove. This fps drop shouldn't be a hardware problem, system spec below, drivers up to date. version, Launchoption='-culture="en"' Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_ldr.161011-0600) Language: German (Regional Setting: German) System Manufacturer: MSI System Model: MS-7885 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz (12 CPUs), ~3.3GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM Available OS Memory: 16284MB RAM Page File: 8308MB used, 40541MB available DirectX Version: DirectX 11 Main HDD: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPU Driver: