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Found 7 results

  1. Can the trade platform be used to obtain lithium, coal, or titanium? I filled it with 8 compound but the yield says 0. I can't seem to add any more compound. Do I use something else other than compound? Is there a wiki page I can refer to?
  2. PedroAsani

    Mineral availability

    So I believe I am on a regular Terran world. Brown and blue are the main surface colours, with some purple if you go a bit higher. Resin and Compound are pretty well distributed. Malachite and Laterite are just below the surface in every cave, as is Ammonium. Go deep enough and I have some coal too. But for the life of me, I haven't found any veins of Lithium or Titanium. Anywhere. I've been playing this world long enough that I have researched everything. Everything. I have a 3-seat Enclosed Large Shuttle with Large Storage, big Solar and Battery. My Truck Train has a Drill/Crane and I've got several Zebra balls rolling around my base. Is it possible that this planet has no veins of Lithium or Titanium? I had to scavenge from wreckage and then use the Mineral Extractor to get enough for the Battery farm. I was looking forward to getting my drill and churning up the soil.
  3. newton.bron

    Lithium Byte Value Unbalanced

    Is it just me or does the 2500+ byte value of Lithium unbalance the research update? I love everything about the update except this. Instead of searching for research for large byte payoffs, you just need one lithium, a mineral extractor and then you are the fast track to unlocking the entire tree with no cave diving needed aside from a little resource gathering. Maybe its the intention of the dev's to allow different gameplay styles- like perhaps someone doesn't like research pod hunting- but until there are more long term goals in the game, to me it feels like it cuts down potential hours of gameplay...or does that feel like the intention? Anyone else feel this way? Is this already a thread and I'm blind?
  4. I got half of lithium in my backpack. Couldn't drag him or replace with another thing. When died, It still was in backpack and half, and still couldn't select it.
  5. Lo Hye

    items blown away!

    So, I was thinking, these storms are pretty annoying, but I can manage against them, but like why not make the storms also blow away your stuff on the ground? Like, you have Titanium on the floor instead of building a storage to hold more things, then it should be blown away when a storm comes, lol. I think that would make the game a little more fun and careful, and more grateful when you get lithium or titanium.
  6. So first idk if this has been brought up before or not but I couldnt find in recent stuff. When I was mining with a rover with a crane on it and the drill head attached. It mined perfectly but when I went back to fill the hole so I dont fall in it. The hole would only fill the sides and not the middle. Might be a bug idk. Thanks for your time.
  7. I was using the drill on the crane and trying to get Lithuim. For some reason the collections of the item were breaking apart and falling on the ground. In hind site it might be because there was not a storage unit on the drill vehicle. So it might not be a big. Seems like it should go to the nearest storage point, even on the towed vehicle. However, I can see where I would need storage on the same vehicle even though it would be very limited. Thanks, johnnyf