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Found 6 results

  1. Is there a master list of bugs and/or new feature requests managed by the developers that players can review and check on the status of correction/development??? Inquiring minds want to know ... instead of us just posting and reposing the same bugs over and over
  2. This is a decently large list of bugs I've found while playing for a couple months. All of these have occurred on PC (mouse and keyboard) while playing multiplayer of 2-3 people. If the bug is italicized that means I found the bug before an update in a past game and haven't gotten the chance to check to see if it's still there. If its strikethrough, then that means its a suggestion and you can ignore it if you would like. The motion of another player while walking seems choppy. (2 player game, may just be a janky connection). The Buggy/Rovers, when first rendering in, produces a large cloud of smoke until you get closer. (They have solar or storage units on them, and have just loaded in but have not gotten close yet). The wind turbine is finicky. (Sometimes doesn't work, but then when you move it slightly it does work). The Terraformer goes into the ground when you put it away. (The terraformer minimizes but instead of going to the side of the pack it goes below the feet of the character). A better way to join friends in multiplayer. (Joining through steam is alright but an integrated joining system would be nice). Terraformer mods sometimes don't work well together. (When a wide mod and a boost mod are on the same terraformer, only on works sometimes) Button to surf? When placing a tether it only shows one possible connection. It would be nice to see all possible connections to the selected tether. Trouble selecting things in general. (Like extenders for example). Teleporters to motivate the exploration of other planets. (So you don't lose your base). The jet on the terraformer stretches. The winch when released and selected right away will display two hooks, one is passive and one is extended. I tried to have a car with 3 trailers. (Not a great idea in the first place, but I wanted to try). Backing up was is a nightmare with any trailers at all. Possibly support for that, or rigid instead of loose connections between the vehicle and the trailer). Maybe overclockers for research or other machines? If I find any more bugs I will try my best to report them as well.
  3. Here is a list of suggestions that me and my friends have created after 3 days of gameplay: Space stations that are expandable and customizable (these would ideally show up as landing zones when orbiting a planet and could serve as bases) Mobs or creatures (both neutral and hostile) that are planet specific Craftable and upgradeable weapons that operate on suit power - these could include a pistol, rifle, rocket launcher, etc. Expandable inventory space via upgradeable backpacks Upgradeable mining tool that harvests resources in greater amounts More vehicle options like airplanes and smaller personal vehicles Jet pack or similar personal flying gadget Dynamic weather effects (i.e. "Arid" requires heat protective suit and buildings and "Radiation" requires radiation protection) Gas masks that reduce damage from gas plants Health bar to display remaining health (with health upgrades to expand it) Energy upgrades to increase personal energy More planets with varying environments (i.e. lava planet, oceanic planet, heavily-forested planet) NPCs - these would be rare and appear in villages or small towns Expanded base customization with craftable structures like walls, doorways, arches, windows, lights, roofing, foundations, furniture, stairs, ladders Craftable roads to provide stable paths for rovers and trucks Landing pads that can be built and used with shuttles and spaceships as custom landing zones More flora for planets such as different types of trees, shrubs, thorns that damage the player, mushrooms, ferns, etc. More weather than just the sandstorms - these events could be planet specific and include acid rain, earthquakes, fire storms, or blizzards Craftable clocks or watches that indicate relative time of day
  4. General list of found bugs: Solar's sometimes split and look funky when rolling a rover or truck Characters fall through the earth when building on yourself or when spawning from a spaceship The spaceship only deploys its cables and add-ons once then no longer works and will not reconnect to anything (conditions for this glitch unknown) After traveling and making homes on other planets, the star map shows random broken locations around the current planet off in space The small plant life on the surface of Exotic acts like tethers or Tundras ice spikes causing vehicles to not be able to move anywhere halting most paths completely Sometimes see cracks on the planet surface where the caves are close to the top making it seem like the ground is paper thin wench does not work at all for anything it is completely useless putting a habitat on a truck/rover makes it twig out and sometimes float in the air (specifically on the trucks/rover storage add on back left or right side) spaceship/shuttle landing and taking off icon has a small black dot above it only visible when looking at a bright planet sand storms rocks go through walls you build up to protect yourself (just the animation on some rocks) After being killed twice the first deaths players pack disappears making it hard to find and the items float (can still get the items back though) The generators, solar panels, and wind generators don't always give power to all the add-ons (most noticed to the smelter)
  5. I was tempted to post a new idea for every one of these... but you can see that it would be more a nuisance for me to start spam-posting ideas for all of these I apologise for my lack of image-input. If any of these ideas gain traction, I would gladly doodle some mock-up designs, but I am certainly NOT a graphic designer, so prepare for biro doodles in margins haha! Additional equippable tools (possibly remove them from pack and put on vehicle to transport?)Recycler:A 'weapon' that can break down flora and constructed items for small ammounts of resources. A good way to deforest an area without messing up the terrain, or get a little resin back from accidentally building a new node.Snow-blowerSomething that can 'blow' the larger useless chunks of plant and rock away to clear a path for yourself or your vehicle.Space-compressor.A power-intensive device that allows you to pick up a large object and store it for a short time.IE: Pick up several research pods and ruh back to the entrance of a cave with them before you have to put them down.Backpack upgrades.Additional storage, a 2-slot for connecting larger utilities, more utility slotslong-range Terrain Deformer.more an upgrade than a new tool, but just more range.Precision deformerAgain, upgrade. Just lets you change the size of your 'brush' while using it.Emergency jump-starterA device that makes your backpack and connected batteries supply power to whatever it's connected to.IE: You ran out of juice for your buggy in a cave so no solar and no wind (and for some reason, no generator... maybe no organic?). You put this gizmo on and your backpack will discharge to fill the buggy.Light ToolsHard-light bridge, shield, light, storage. A module you use like a tool and can place temporary structures in the world that will dissapate with time (and power)Buddy drone.A small drone you can assign to ferry things back and forth from you to your vehicle or base.Can also transport oxygen and power? kind of like a little battery?It would only have space for two objects or one large module (IE, solar pannel) so that you can have it carry a research pod, or resupply you with power from a wind turbine.To 'program' it, you select it and get a close-up like your backpack. There will be a few holographic buttons (like the 3D printer) and you can chose between 'follow' where it just follows you. 'ferry' where it takes things back and forth to the nearest storage device. 'respply' where it will bring you power and air. any unnused air and power remains in the drone until it runs low on one where it will go for another load.You need to carry a 'controller' on you, or equip it to one of your backpacks utility slots to use.Impact protection deviceFor power, it will deploy 'bubbles' similar to those on drop-pods (the pyramids) whenever you would recieve fatal damage from impact. This can save your life if you fall in a cave, but also offers you a little anti-rock protection in storms (spikey rocks would not be deflected of course) MapWhen equipped to you, it shows a small area around you and points out any structures, wrecks or vehicles you have in the area. Will use power of course, so don't get too attached.If fitted to a base or vehicle, the area will be larger. Possible use the beacons to expand the mapped area? Tethers would be goodPortable research tool?Kind of spit-balling here, but imagine if you could just research anything you found there and then in the field?Redundant if you could build one on a vehicle, but you get the idea...Ore scanner *Manipulation tool.Pick things up that you can't now. IE: Vehicles, trees, plants etc.Long-range-TethersMore an upgrade to the tethers allowing them to connect over a longer distance. Possibly emit more light?Things to build:Storage Tower.Just a tower covered in pairs of connection points so that you can cover it in six to nine storage racks.Teleportation relaySEROIUS power cost, but can teleport you to another relay on the same planet.Wirekind of like tethers, but more like the ones that attach vehicles? a way you can connect bases.PlateA simple flat thing you can build so that you can build flat from a rough terrain (or on the side of a mountain.) Inter-locking and cheap enough to build several to make a makeshift bridge for a vehicle chainSimilar variants could also be: Walls, roof, Personal door and vehicle door. All inter-locking and when 'enclosed' they could offer oxygen resupply and protection from stormsNodes.Just that. Build the little nodes that appear from a habitat (or space-ship) but elsewhere.Lights.maybe a tether upgrade, but something that projects a lot more light around. Perhaps a personal upgrade like a light-bulb?Tall nodeA node with a second floor. Good for solar pannels and wind turbines, and because it has twice the space to connect things, you can put a battery there as well.Ore scanner*.a two-part suggestion here. Both for a small module you can have on your pack (researched and built from titanium or something) and a large base-related one you have to build out of a lot more materials.It would show the surrounding area and mark resources. IE: compound, resin etc. It won't tell you what it is (not too OP then) but since you can carry a small one, no more blind digging and hoping for the best! Also... find that last b*stard bit of something to get rid of the marker Conveyor nodeThink 'small teleporter'Put thos on a storage, or even use it as a storage and it'll transfer needed items to any structure on the same system. IE: Fill this with compound and whenever your 3D printer needs compound and it's connected storage has none, it will take it from the conveyor.You could also use this on a vehicle to resupply bases without the grunt-work. Connect your resin-covered-truck and the conveyor will pull it all from your truck.Vehiclesbig truck you can build modules on (EG, a 3D printer, research etc)Monster Truck!Yeah... I want a big vehicle with huge wheels to tackle the insane terrain I've been parking upside down on all day.hand-brake button... getting in a buggy or truck on a slope means it'll just slide down the hill. Not cool if you fall into the pit of 'pointy things that were in your way'To fix the 'lose connection' issue with the front and rear connection points on vehicles. Things can fall of them whereas they can't of anywhere else (thankfully... Tundra is hard to stay upright on XD)otherRedundant materials.Things you can harvest but can't really do much with. But you can sell them, use them decoratively etc. I have left out all suggestions that I know have similar threads in the road-map. You don't need me regurgitating your ideas haha! I am looking forward to all new features and would relish any chance to have more long-term building goals. More expensive vehicles, upgrades to my gear, new versions of current buildings (EG, researcher with two, three and four slots) for 'end game' goals. I am astonished at the playability of this game in pre-alpha stage! I have been playing games that are not as good to play fully released!