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Found 3 results

  1. werr3222werrr

    Addition of liquids

    Possible way of collecting liquids through a liquid condenser, it would be able to collect water liquid nitrogen and other things but the time to create them would be very long similar to atmospheric condenser but different it could use some item to collect it like a filter or some other type thing
  2. Itstwoam

    Storage ideas

    The current item storage needs some love. I would like to get away from doing the following: This will allow us to do two things which is not storing fuels and oxidizers in the same spot and give us a module that fits in with the rest of them. Something along these lines: I used the fuel condenser because it had the best shape for the concept I was thinking of. Imagine a shelf in the center the white part that would move up or down as it's filled or emptied to make room for more shelves to pop up. That solves the solid item storage so lets talk about fluid storage. "Itstwoam, there's only hydrazine why not just store them in the item storage?" I'll post a fuel production pass in another post to answer that question. So for liquids it would be like the fuel condenser, shuttle or spacecraft tank. It would hold a specific liquid and output canisters like the FC or another method I'll talk about in a fuel production post.
  3. Liquids, bodies of water, lava, oil, anything from amorphic to vaporous. Recycling objects. Clean up the base and rebuild it in a better shape. A way to move shuttle away from vehicle bay. Now it parks there with no option to manage your rover there. Vehicle oriented wasd-controls (optional). So that viewpoint does not change the control directions.