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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! Currently the game crashed for me after loading the splash screen. Shortly after the splash screen closes, and I expect to see a loading bar or logo, Steam indicates the game is no longer running. After setting the launch options to log using `WINEDEBUG="+timestamp,+pid,+tid,+seh,+debugstr,+module" %command%`, I did find a stack trace, which is attached. If anyone has experienced this issue any help would be much appreciated! Thanks! - atfumbel strace.txt
  2. Hello, First of all I understand Linux isn't a priority as far as platforms go. But I wish to raise this recent issue to at least put it on your radar. After the Creative Mode update today my Steam copy remains in Offline Mode whereas with the Groundwork Update it was connecting alright. The effect it has is of course the suits/pallets/visors that I've unlocked are now locked again and my Steam friends are no longer showing up in the multiplayer tab. I've attached Proton's log. Of interest are lines 1167-1169: Unfortunately it overwrites the logfile each time the game is started so I don't have another to compare it against. I did capture my network traffic and it does look like some encrypted data is being transferred (successful? unsuccessful? I can't tell) I'm going to roll back my version to capture some additional logs and packets and see what else I can sniff out. Will post an update as soon as it finishes the download. steam-361420.log
  3. Hi there, I just buyed my second version of Astroneer to play with my family. I bought it from steam on a linux machine, but steam tells me Astroneer is not running on that kind of system. The roadmap tells otherwise and some people here in the forum talk about running their game on linux. And yes, I searched the forum, but found nothing to answer my question. So how do I get sweet Astroneer on my linux machine? Thanks
  4. My question in the title. I want to play in my favorite game on linux.
  5. Heres what I think should be added to the next big update of astroneer. This update Will focus on more of what the user can do to the game to make it more entertaining for the user Heres a very small list that could lead into a very big change in the game 1. Crossplatform: Crossplatform will support other OS (Operating systems) which will most likely boost the player base of astroneer. 2. ModingAPI: A ModingAPI is what developers use for making mods or changes to the game, if this happens there are endless possibilities of what the user is capable of doing Names I go bye: VanishDev, AlphaMode Thanks for reading -AlphaMode