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Found 6 results

  1. Summary: Steam - Details to be added to known Tether Glitch Description: The following are extra details that can be added to this commonly reported bug. ::New Game:: 1. Place one or two batches of tethers> Tethers emit light and work as expected 2. Pick up one or more tethers to backpack 3. Place new tethers> Tethers do not light as expected, but continue to work otherwise Additional Notes 1. All tethers placed prior to initial pick-up continue to emit light 2. All tethers placed after initial pick up do not emit light 3. Saving/restarting game does not rectify thether lights. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: MSI Laptop OS: Windows 10 Home x64 CPU: Intel i7-6920HQ @2.90GHz GPU: 2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 RAM: 32.0 GB Drive: 500GB Standard Disk Drive
  2. I always get lost on the planets, and I find it very confusing to navigate using the compass ... it's not just confusion (The Compass is broken) I've checked it right now, since I've been looking for a damn tractor for quite some time. What has been my test to see that the compass does not work well? I have reached a "Node" (Node - Surface elevation 4, Planet: Sylva) I have placed a few steps from its center, now I show the compass, what happens is that by moving between the cardinal points, the witch points north, in all of them. I would understand that the compass would turn around, at the poles, but mark the north in all directions. (The first thing would be to fix that!) --------------------------------------------------------------- My suggestions to navigate efficiently: 1º: Reappear the lights of the active nodes, since these are turned off when activating the node. (Goodbye to a reference point) 2º: It would be good to make a sonar, to detect the directions of the beacons. 3º: Making beacons emit a beam of light 4º: Lengthen the height of the "beacons" and make them visible through the clouds. (Since the latter are solid, and do not let see through them) 5º: Make a hologram of the planet, but without mapping, or elevations, a simple planet, that indicates the position in which we are currently, and possibly mark the nodes we have found, or objects such as: - Beacons - Rocket - Vehicles - Home? They are all non-intrusive examples, since I like to look for things myself, I do not need a detailed map, but I need to orient myself well (at least) Greetings to all those lost Astronauts.
  3. Started a new save and stumbled upon a weird bug: one particular medium storage unit breaks energy distribution when connected to base. Previously this storage was holding three batteries, no other storages acted the same way. Re-entering the save fixed the problem. Steam, M/KB (controller connected though), in case it is relevant.
  4. I think Astroneer should have an RGB Lamp With normal Cables And a controller which controls the lightning of many RGB Lights/Floodlights. that you can pick any color you want an apply it to many lights . Make it that you can control the lights separate in the controller or the Light itself too. sorry for my small vocabulary.
  5. Would it be possible to get better lighting? also possibly lighting attached to the vehicles as well? I cant count the amount of times I've been underground and cant see 5 feet ahead even with 2 work lights attached to me or my vehicle. especially with my vehicle as putting anything up front is basically useless when it blocks all the light!! I also love to make bases underground which is impossible as I cant see anything!! the lighting available so far makes it very easy to fall into a cave or a hole and die or get stuck so you spend the next 5 hours digging yourself out only to realize you're on the other side of the world! ideas: new module slots on your backpack for a light or other tools, as it is now you have 5 slots for equipment if you want a decent amount of storage, 3 are used to upgrade your tool and the other two are used for things like tethers or the portable oxygen that you need to quickly toggle on and off. A tiered lighting system? - the higher the tier the further the area covered in light. medium light - medium slot lighting much larger than the work light (or acts as a spotlight) which also has a medium attachment slot so it doesn't take up space, makes using vehicles in caves much easier because you can actually see and not sacrifice space flood lights - directional lighting you can angle. ceiling lights or hanging lights that cover a wide area to allow underground base building (or pit stops inside your mine) you have fireworks but no disco ball or other celebratory lights? heck you could even make streamers using something similar to the power extenders if you just added something else with a new skin for the cables.
  6. For the base build I was thinking about a "Lighting Balloon" An inflatable balloon that serves as a light source by diffusing light over a large area. Printed as a "Medium" base component with 2 socket. (Suggested materials: Plastic, Copper, Lithium). It appears as an open box with a deflated balloon inside it, a socket on the front of the box accepts a Helium canister and it takes 1 charge to inflate. It will deflate when moved. Can not work on vehicles. Applying power (small amount <0.5 amps) and switching it "On" will illuminate a large area.