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Found 23 results

  1. Would it be possible to get better lighting? also possibly lighting attached to the vehicles as well? I cant count the amount of times I've been underground and cant see 5 feet ahead even with 2 work lights attached to me or my vehicle. especially with my vehicle as putting anything up front is basically useless when it blocks all the light!! I also love to make bases underground which is impossible as I cant see anything!! the lighting available so far makes it very easy to fall into a cave or a hole and die or get stuck so you spend the next 5 hours digging yourself out only to realize you're on the other side of the world! ideas: new module slots on your backpack for a light or other tools, as it is now you have 5 slots for equipment if you want a decent amount of storage, 3 are used to upgrade your tool and the other two are used for things like tethers or the portable oxygen that you need to quickly toggle on and off. A tiered lighting system? - the higher the tier the further the area covered in light. medium light - medium slot lighting much larger than the work light (or acts as a spotlight) which also has a medium attachment slot so it doesn't take up space, makes using vehicles in caves much easier because you can actually see and not sacrifice space flood lights - directional lighting you can angle. ceiling lights or hanging lights that cover a wide area to allow underground base building (or pit stops inside your mine) you have fireworks but no disco ball or other celebratory lights? heck you could even make streamers using something similar to the power extenders if you just added something else with a new skin for the cables.
  2. For the base build I was thinking about a "Lighting Balloon" An inflatable balloon that serves as a light source by diffusing light over a large area. Printed as a "Medium" base component with 2 socket. (Suggested materials: Plastic, Copper, Lithium). It appears as an open box with a deflated balloon inside it, a socket on the front of the box accepts a Helium canister and it takes 1 charge to inflate. It will deflate when moved. Can not work on vehicles. Applying power (small amount <0.5 amps) and switching it "On" will illuminate a large area.
  3. megaDestroyer52

    Vision for the blind

    I have 3 suggestions. I have a friend that is mostly blind. He can play minecraft, but he cannot play a stronger because he has a hard time seeing the game. Because of this, I suggest that there be something such as a way to adjust the brightness, or some other feature that gives partially blind people the ability to play as well. My other suggestion is that there should be a first person view added, as well as a way to toggle between the two views. My final suggestion is to add a way to customize the controls so that people can play in the way that is the most comfortable for them.
  4. legend_7_7

    For more fun stuff..

    some idea for further development: 1. As a game that is still concentrate on better experience as a stand-alone game, loneliness is a great theme, so you can't give us a pet. Similar to a drone, and then can be a simple interaction, there can be several slots, you can simply specify the delivery to base or vehicle, or simply in front of the map to light the area up when equipped with torch. 2. We need map, It is already space age, but we still simply relying on beacons for navigation is not enough, especially under the ground. God knows, there are all oxygen piles easily confuse us to wander around. Can you set up a technology tree and develop a map with the UAV to form a map, and then we can simply mark the resource points in the map? 3. This car is usually in trouble . Sometimes it can't move. Then it can be designed more flexibly. It is said to have been tested. long car works bad when driving back when steering. 4. We are astronauts. We need aircraft in the atmosphere. This is very necessary part. Although the planet is relatively small, it would be better to fly. Make it possible to establish a sub-base far away. 5. There is still a lot of space for picture optimization. The long car would easily stuck the graph . The game would also stuck for a long time, and then the visibility of the visible objects is not natural. Then it really burns the card, 1070 can get up to 70 degrees. 6. We need brighter lights. Whether it's on the front of the car, or on your own pack, or on a crane, especially when you mining minerals , you need a lamp that sits on the floor. We also need to drive in the car in dark with more power head light. 7. Titanium and Lithium are too few, I can only rely on rubbish, then digging to refine it.
  5. Cj Bronite


    It would be nice if you can turn the lights on your helmet off.
  6. I was just casually playing with my friend and occasionally items he'd put on his shoulder slots would not shrink down and so this was the result, we had oxygen tanks do it as well. Not a massive thing but worth noting Playing on the steam version
  7. After running into the (hopefully already well known) bug three times since the latest patch, I think I've finally discovered what triggers it. The last time it happened, I had just built my first worklight and put it onto my backpack on one of the shoulder spots. After that, I wanted to do some cleaning up in my base. While moving around some materials from one place to another, it finally happened. Only thing left I could interact with was the habitat. I proceeded to save the game and suffocate my poor astroneer explorer next to the habitat. After respawning, I noticed the bug still persisted, so I saved again and restarted the game. Back in the game, the corpse of the old astroneer had already vanished. All the items I had were there, except one. The work light, which, for some reason, disappeared. Gladly I found that I can pick up all the items and the bug was gone! Also, all the items on the ground had shrinked to mini versions of themselves, so it might be I just missed the worklight somewhere on the ground. I searched very carefully though. This has been the third time I had the bug happen. It was a new game with about 20 minutes of playtime. The first time was on my main save game with many hours of playtime. I remember the bug happening after coming back to base from exploring the planet with my rover train. I also remember I had a worklight on the front bumper of the rover. Like the third time, it happened when I started moving things (including the worklight) from the rover to some platforms. The second time the bug happened was also about 20 minutes into the game. I can't remember exactly what caused it then, but I'm pretty sure I had also just built the worklight around that time. All this makes me come to the conclusion, that in some weird way, it all has to do with the worklight. TLDR: I think wearing a work light while moving items may cause the bug to happen.
  8. A light, possibly from the surface, appears to be filtering through the soil of Radiated and projecting onto my cave wall. Pesky photons need to leave my cave alone! Background: Radiated is my third planet, and when I saw that tornadoes have a penchant of passing by every thirty seconds, I decided to take my base downstairs, make a small underground bunker, then dig a hole from the bunker into the deeper caves. (The gray hole in the center is the opening to the deeper caves.) Two possibly related issues appear to be worsening with each successive planet: 1) my character catches on the terrain in points, requiring me to reroute or jump; 2) the leveling tool is unable to terraform small areas (Barren) or snapping to a nonsensical grid or confining itself to linear movement in others (Radiated). My specs: i5 quadcore 3.10 GHz 1060GTX GeForce 3GB RAM 16GB RAM Steam / Windows 7 SP1 Mouse/Keyboard
  9. Spartan

    lighting bug

    The lighting in the sky is being a bit screwy. It looks like there is light coming from the horizon but when you change you angle of view the light moves also. Notice how the far right cloud gets different "sun" light. This was all taken in the same time, and was not even close to day time.
  10. Unrealxs

    Drill working light

    Hi Astroneers, I've been hitting my head against one 'minor' annoyance I've seen... Currently I'm drilling myself a highway through an incredibly large mountain, why? why not? The only problem that there is is that I can't mount a working light to my drill, which pretty much leaves me in the dark to what and where I'm actually drilling. The drill itself does appear to have some sort of mounting point, but does not accept anything attached to it. Kind Regards, Unrealxs
  11. To organize crafting materials and ressources that can be stacked onto stack modules it would be great to have some kind of cupboard or shelve to put them on. Now, I craft a lot of stack modules and place them in a self made cave, that I made with the terraforming tool. Continuing this idea, I would appreciate a light system. Maybe it would be great if you could connect the working light to the tethers and gain power from the basement or rover. At the moment, I use the tethers to create some light in my ressources cave.
  12. The suit light becomes pretty annoying when it's shining around in the daylight when it's not needed. It takes away from the atmosphere and visually clutters the scene in this situation too. I feel like it would also help with performance if we could choose to turn it off.
  13. I sure hope that the Crane would have a separate socket for a work light. See the video, where I fail to drill because I can only have either light or drill installed.
  14. The idea of permanent suite upgrades as mentioned in the collect-thread would add a bit of rpg flavor and I think without overloading the game this would be a very nice and fitting feature. Oh and a big shoutout for the music, really love it Some ideas, hopefully some of it is useful for you devs: A hovering spherical droid (maybe customizable) that provides one or two services like additional light, acoustic stormwarning etc. With a few random droid sounds he would make quite a difference since the player would not feel so alone in the vastness of space. But maybe that screws over your design-choices. Don`t know. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Random name generator for the planets, no player generated names, so we will be spared in multiplayer from Planet "Analtrafic" ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The option to declare primary and secondary landing spots for the spaceship (My second spaceship just landed at the same spot as my first, now they`ve seemed to fuse) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Darker nights maybe and some of those lightballoons that I`ve seen at recent big construction sites
  15. Buzzlightyear87

    Backpack light feature

    When i open my inventory in caves my backpack pretty much blacks out , so im thinking what if they add a light bar to the pack or any sort of light, and the open inventory button is the light switch. So any time you open your inventory it goes full screen the backpack lights up then turns off once you close it
  16. Controller : Mouse/Keyboard Platform : Steam How it did happen : It just was on How to reproduce : No idea Aditional info : After re-logging it was fine
  17. I didn't see these in the master list so I figured I would suggest them. #1 HUD Zoom: basically a zoom feature that overlays on the screen to see long distances. #2 Parabola bridge guide holograms: Place a starting point and ending point and it will generate a ghosted arc as a visual guide to allow building easier curves #3 Focal Mirrors: these allow you to move beams of light underground so you don't have to move one platform at a time out to a solar location. #4 Higher altitudes more solar power: because of the thinner atmosphere at higher altitudes solar panels could produce more electricity. #5 Keystroke shows nav points: allow pressing a key that will force beacons/vehicle/shuttle nav points to show up over top of any terrain.
  18. First of all I'm very impressed with this game, I played it for hours on my brother's steam account before I buy it, However there's to me a some little changes that could eventually make my amazing experience even better, I have few suggestions in mind, only one of them put in the game would already be awesome: - Feature truck/rover light modifications: color as well as location in order to illuminate all sides when we are in a dark cave (I've been stuck few times because I wasn't able to see the cave's sides) - Make the vehicles/tether's lights stronger and/or rgb in order to recognize facilities more easily and even to create teams in the future - Enable to change settings in order to increase the rendering distance, manly to find back my base but also to see some nearby ressources I do think that's already much, if you want additional details feel free to ask, also if I made spelling mistakes I'm sorry in advance and correct me would be great ! Hope everyone is having as fun as I do, I await your replies with interest
  19. This is something I made in my spare time. It's a new object to be crafted at Printer platform. I shall let the image speak for itself:
  20. This is something I made in my spare time. It's a new object to be crafted at Printer platform. I shall let the image speak for itself:
  21. hey guys these zebra balls are really getting everyone talking there mysterious but have no use as of yet. What if it were possible to research it cut it open and in the inside would be something amazing like maybe blueprint to make a drone or a robot. Or maybe even lights to light your path. The lights would function similar to tethers. The zebra ball ready glows it can be associated with light. What are some ideas you guys have for the zebra ball?
  22. Hi guys! I've noticed that when the host is not near your tether, your tether doesn't produce light.. Wouldn't it be awesome if you made a structure, and you could highlight it with spots? It would also help alot when exploring dungeons.. So perhaps unique vegetation: glowing plants and trees that you can dig out and move to your base? Let me know what you think
  23. KingJacob1st

    Light on during daylight

    Just a small one but the torch is on constantly when I load my saves now. Nothing major I just prefer it to turn off when its daylight. Love the game though.