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Found 2 results

  1. In this version (and I believe since the excavation update) the hab no longer allows selection of the liftoff icon in the large shuttle (xbox version, not sure about others). My large shuttle has a large storage printed with 5 medium storages (one tray of each construction resource + my power plate) and a hab (with 2 resins), plus 2 hydrazine cans (fully stocked for colonizing planets). When I enter the hab, the item on the closest storage tray (doesn't matter what it is becomes encircled in blue, and nothing can allow moving off that marker. Left trigger does not work to focus reticle. Right trigger does pick up the circled item, which is not helpful. This has happened in multiple games. I can work around it by giving up one tray and putting a seat but that is not...efficient... Great work with the recent updates. Hope this helps!
  2. Just thought I'd share my base so far. I'm just about to jump off into space for the first time. This is my 3rd character. I was learning the game on the first two, reading guides & tricks. But now I'm ready to conquer the solar system! I'll share my experience with the forum because why not share how I've been playing the pre-alpha game we call ASTRONEERS! I've really been enjoying the calm of the game. Apart from the great deadly storms ravaging the worlds, gas spewing plants, falling from heights & dying from asphyxiation, this game is plenty calm. Driving vehicle controls are a little iffy but once I got the hang of it I was able to train up four cars behind my truck no problem. I lost that on world 2, a while ago. Eventually, by world 3, I got the hang of things. I traded fuel for materials I needed instead of carting them around. I've researched everything required to travel easily into the solar system, so I'll take advantage of it! Maybe there's an exotic planet around somewhere with cool views. I have sixteen fuel canisters & a fuel tank filled to the brim just so I don't get stuck anywhere. I've heard stories of lonely astronauts venturing off into space... never to be seen again! Obviously, they didn't bring enough fuel, there are no monsters out there it's a myth. Poor planning! In the front is a seat, for obvious reasons... and a habitat for my otherworldly base! On the left, a generator & some organic material, in the event that I need power on the fly. Next, two aluminum and copper to make myself a fuel condenser & trade station in case I DO get stranded somewhere accidentally, but more importantly if resources are scarce. Finally, eight compound materials for various general items. Example; tethers, solar panels, et cetera. LIFT OFF!!! See you in the next post. BONUS PICTURE: The planet I landed on is trying to kill me.