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Found 3 results

  1. strinyer

    To make lift/metro

    To create a lift to go down and up into the caves. And also if this capsule/lift could be use as metro would be amazing!!! Thanks for the work and I hope keep helping to the community to collaborate in a better game experience!
  2. FoxFireRage


    A lift or crane might be really nice, I am currently 4 mines down and it takes forever to get stuff back up. It would be nice to tunnel straight down and lift stuff out with a crane.
  3. NeroKira


    Maybe have some method of transporting ores/research data from a cave to the surface, like an elevator of sorts. Even if it could only carry items, and not the player, it would be extremely useful and also help get around the nightmare of issues/bugs of trying to get a rover or truck into a cave system to speed up the mining process