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Found 9 results

  1. My suggestion is very simple. We need more life. For example, its understood that we wont be seeing aggressive creature, can we get passive ones? Insects sputtering about, birds flying and gawking overhead. The odd space squirrel hopping about looking for a nut. Snakes slithering and space crickets chirping at night. Why not bring out Bee's...hear me out. Resin could be what you gain from sucking up the hive and when the player has to suck up the hive, the bees can do a bit of dmg to the player, just like the poisonous flora already implemented. If the player doesn't start to run aw
  2. Found a living creature on the Barren moon. Moving constantly, well squirming. Looked like it was trying to lure something over to eat. I declined its offer.
  3. 1: JET PACK!!! Late game item hard to make uses hydrazine to fuel it, it would help for travel and getting down or up a cliff. 2: Better Base!!! A base that you can go inside and eat, drink and sleep in (more on that in next point) 3: Sleeping!!! Solar panels only work in the day and wind turbines are rubbish so a feature that would let the player sleep away the night would help make crafting more efficient and game play more fun with no need to afk. 4: Sleeping can be used to farm electricity in a bad way so a sleep meter would be good it will SLOWLY decrease as you run around
  4. NPC - I believe that the only way this game will last is if it becomes more lively. There needs to be more things to interact with, I was thinking along the lines of NPC aliens to trade with, villages (hostile or not), raiders and bandits! Very simple but very effective (e.g MINECRAFT, SKYRIM) MOBS- .To put it simply, weird creatures that can be hostile or friendly, suited for the specific environments. I know that I'm not alone when I say this - RED PLANTS ARE GETTING BORING... STRUCTURES- Finally, structures to build enclosures for our habitats and towns. This goes along with NPC's
  5. I made a video recently talking about the life forms in Astroneer, specifically the ones that are on the Terran planet. I will include the video, but I would like to also include a written argument. Have you found it odd, like I did, that there are plants on the planets but we can't take off our helmets? And also, if there are plants around, why is there no water? In my video, I discuss my theory that the life forms in Astroneer may have a different molecular make-up. Specifically, that they use ammonia as their universal solvent in place of the water that we use. There are a couple probl
  6. Hi again, I created a pod life to put it on my spaceship. While trying to move it away, I did a mistake with the mouse shortcut and implemented it... vertically. Dunno if it was meant to be possible but the way it pop sure is weird. Anyway, it should be possible to take back your life pod, at least when at "level 0" when nothing is attached to it, if you wanna implement it at other places. Have a nice day, Sub.
  7. Hello fellow Astroneers! So I've been playing Astroneer non stop for the past week or so, and it got met totally hooked. I also watched the December 22nd livestream where the dev's discussed ideas and plans they have for the future of the game, among which alien life. That got me thinking. I remebered watching a documentary about alien life a long time ago, where cosmologists, physicists and biologists used known knowledge of life here on earth to speculate, and project how life might evolve on other planets. One scene that stuck with me in particular, was about the biggest poss
  8. Hi, I'm Eduardo Martins, I do not speak English, so forgive me. My idea is simple, have animals or fungi (visible) that can have an interaction, just to make the game more alive, do not need him to attack us, just wander around the world (or indicating something / place) You read this "idea" comment on what you found, see you soon; Attached only one example image
  9. I thought that since in the Road-map it said something about hunger/thirst Then I suggest that using the plants that we got now, research it and farming (with unlocks of farming tools) Having a different "vacuum gun" that uses the containers (now fuel, power and plants/organic) that will be put into a farming machine (so filling up a full tank like with the space ships so it can start the process) So each plant has their color and such. About protection or creating a more "friendly" env, one would creative a more "advanced habitat" cost more and looks like the i