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Found 3 results

  1. I feel like I can pretty much unlock everything in the game inside of a 60-90 minute play session. I know there is a balance between being demoralizing in terms of pace and just handing it out but I just feel like it all goes by too quick. Would be cool if things like the large spaceship, rover, etc were 4-5 times more expensive and the research items on the starting planet capped at X research. This would force the player to build a small shuttle to go to other planets in order to get research that is worth more. Then with the large spaceship you could go to even further planets to get even more valuable research. I feel like there is a foundation for a very solid progression system, it just isn't there quite yet. All that said, loving the game and excited for the future
  2. With the new research system, I understand what the goal was and I understand it's glitched, but if there is anything that I've learned about games that create rng is that it is one of the most frustrating things about that game. RNG does not feel rewarding it's more of a sigh of relief that you don't have to do it anymore. Instead of heading in that direction because from the forums all I see is complaints, I suggest a leveling system. Each time you research a pod you get experience. The research pod that gets you the level up is the pod that gives you the new research item. This would also allow players who have been working on their save for awhile to continue working on it because you would just be adding new levels for new researchable items. I also suggest if my idea is actually taken in consideration that you guys as the Devs decide to organize the research based on sense. What do the players utilize first and in reality what would take you longer to actually build (research). There should be a logical order to what we receive from the pods. It should not be randomized! That doesn't make any sense. - thanks for reading and if anyone has any additions or different ideas on this same topic please comment on it. Also sorry if this has been mentioned before, did a quick search with a few different keywords and I couldn't find anything relating to what I was going to say on the first few pages of each keyword.
  3. Once all the research has been acquired, there is nothing left to do. You need to have goals that players work toward, such as improving climbing skill, or lowering oxygen needs, or something to improve the character when goals are reached. Some suggestions: a base on a new planet, a base on all planets, when all researches are acquired, etc.