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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I found some abandoned bases with launchpads in my world and I discovered that I cannot print vehicles (using vehicle bay) on top of them. It seems like the platform is not recognized as terrain, so, even if give power to the launch pad and the needed materials to the vehicle bay, the green print button won't appear and I won't be able to print any vehicle on top of it [ Image 1 ]. I also discovered that if I build a flat zone using soil at the level of the launchpad I can print vehicles on top of it [ Image 2 ]. Anyway it's still an issue. Thank you for reading, please tell me if there is a different solution or we have to wait for an update.
  2. Summary: - Steam - Dynamite merges with the launchpad Description: I wanted to delete the starting launch pad in which you receive your starting modules, but upon placing dynamite on it, it acted as part of the launchpad. Hovering my cursor over dynamite, and even dynamite connected to the connected dynamite gave me the option to examine only. Restarting the game causes them to act as normal. Version/Build: Specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview x64 | v.1803 | Build 17677.1000 CPU: Intel i5 4690k 3.50GHz GPU:Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 4Gb RAM:2x4gb DDR3 Drive: TOSHIBA MK2565GSX
  3. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle


    This is not my idea, I think Z1 mentioned it in one of his Videos but, we need a launchpad for the Shuttle, perhaps you could make it so you build a Cargo Bay (Vehicle Bay) and then have a research you can get to upgrade it to a Launchpad. Yeah you would have to build multi Cargo Bay's so you can still build and upgrade your rovers, but this adds challenge and depth to the game. Also, some things that you can build or add to should require a structure research and upgrade. Example, you wouldn't just find and research the large rover, you would also be required to upgrade the Cargo Bay (Vehicle) as well, which would be another research you would have to find. I won't to add this, I know the team is working on a research upgrade. I hope you have a tree of sorts in mind, and that some items will truly only be available on different planets. Thanks!
  4. BlueLazyFish


    I was thinking shouldn't the vehicle just be for vehicles and then they could add a launchpad for spaceships and stuff it's just an idea for another platform