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  1. Summary: Launching into space while seated in a cargo spot, launches you into space. You then can't choose a spot to land on a planet. Description: If you are on a chair/rover seat that is attached to a shuttle, you can launch into space using C or V. You then go into orbit but you can't land anywhere. The spots to land do not show up. You then have to DC to escape and you lose your entire rocket because it is probably still in space. This happens in multiplayer if the other person lands the shuttle on a planet while you are in the chair. I am not sure if you can just do th
  2. A decent idea, if possible. Create a Build and Launch Satellite System to create a easily accessible map which constantly. Almost like other adventure games but better;) Craig
  3. I planned to go to Novus to get laterite and hematite. When I got everthing I launched and went there. When I got there, I wanted to leave the rocket with the F but instead I klicked on the V accidentally, which made my rocket launch again but I landed again. When I got everything I took of again and destroyed my booster. And now I'm stuck on Novus So my suggestion is that the programmers can add a "do you really want this" box when you click on the C/V. So you can prevent lauching unwanted.
  4. Summary: - Windows 10 Xbox Beta Client - Could not land space shuttle - cannot rejoin game Description: I had message that could not launch due to no fuel despite having 2 Hydrazine canisters attached. The planet below (Deselo) landing zones had all disappeared so I could not click any area to land. I tried to log out of the game (co-op online multiplayer) and rejoin my friends game but could not rejoin. The game sat on a loading screen for an extended period of time before eventually fading back to the main menu without any error message. Attempted 2 more times and restarted
  5. I have two monitors, One is to my left and the main one is in the middle. For some odd reason on the launch of Astroneer, the game is force to be on the left screen and the only way i can fix it to play on the left it is to go Astroneer make it Windowed, then go to my window settings change the main Screen to the other then drag Astroneer to my main screen, then turn back to fullscreen windowed. This is the only game that does this. If you have any advice or able to assistance that would be appreicated.
  6. Summary: - Steam - Shuttle lands in the middle of space Description: I launched the large shuttle from planet Vesania with a "large silo storage B", a packed "extra large platform C" and an RTG attached to it. it wasn't launched from a platform or where i initially landed, and when i launched, the shuttle started teleporting all over the place and when i travelled to Glacio and tried to land in a landing pad, i instead ended up in the middle of space, where i could get out and float about as if i was in the planet.. This has happened a couple of times already and i
  7. I'm having problems launching astroneer I'm using an amd processor and was wondering if there is any way to fix this problem or when the patch will come out.
  8. Hi there. Several times as a client on a Co-Op game, I've had problems attempting to land a shuttle. Leaving a planet and selecting a new planet to orbit work as normal but after flying to the new planet graphically glitches. I am unable to see or select a landing place or any planet features (see attached). Attempting to hit C or V to launch somewhere else does nothing even with fuel to move. The only way out of this is to exit the game and relaunch. However, upon relaunching you are prompted to reconfirm character settings and are sent to Sylva. I've attached screen shots of the planet from
  9. Summary: Steam - Tractor and Self launched into space from core. Description: Multiplayer. Host was attempting to flip our tractor snake. I got off to help while he was trying to flip it, and it launched me up through the ground and into space instantly. He said the tractor vanished too and then he suffocated. I'll end up suffocating too. Tractor MIA. This wasn't caused by pressing enter twice when getting on. It was caused by exiting the vehicle while my co-op host was trying to flip it. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Patch Specifications:
  10. Description: The game launch, image of Astronner appears 1 sec, then Full Black Screen. The game process is active, i can use Shift + Tab for steam features. Nothing more happens No probs with early access versions. Specifications (all in .zip) : OS: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.150202-1526) CPU: Intel i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz (4 CPUs) GPU: GeForce GTX 750 Ti 4GB RAM: 2x4GB Drive: Seagate BarraCuda 2 To (ST2000DM006) Already done : Saved Folder Clear (C:\Users\...\Astro) uninstall / install
  11. I have a bug where I land on a planet or moon and the rocket just launches before I can get out. I can't stop it now, it just keeps happening and I can no longer play the game. Platform: PC/Steam Version 1.0
  12. Last night I managed to build my first shuttle and take off. I noticed there's two launch buttons, tied to X and Z I believe. What are the differences between them?!
  13. What about using this landing pad that unfolds upon drop pod departure as a place to launch things such as the trading platform or various helpful satellites? For example, the small shuttle builds on the pad, you get the one time use per solid-fuel thruster. Add the trading platform (with a lowered creation cost?) on top and each trade costs scrap and a thruster. This gives making the permanent thruster more use than fast rovers. Alternate attachments can be put on to the small shuttle to launch various satellites. For example; the wish for a GPS satellite, a locator for specific items (landin
  14. hello, i was gifted this game and have been trying for the last 2 days to get it to launch. i have googled and tried everything i could find in regards to fixing this, and just.. can't. i'm at my wits end, i want to play this game but at this point im going to have to get a refund. :c please help
  15. Player 1 was inside a seat mounted on the shuttle, player 1 was then removed from the shuttle (while still being inside the seat) by player 2 and placed on the ground. While the seat was on the ground player 1 was still able to press the launch shuttle button. Player 1 pressed the button and the shuttle launched without any player.
  16. As seen in video. I'll walk around them for now ASTRONEER TEST.mp4
  17. I just added two storage modules to my spaceship. After stocking it up and putting a one seat on it, the craft won't launch. The button appears, but it can not be pressed. No highlight appears when you hove on it. I've tried removing all the items and switching the seat position. None of these worked. The storage units can't be removed after adding them so I can't test if the spaceship will launch again with out them. I've launched the game both with Steam and directly. And in both full screen and windowed modes. The problem will not correct itself.
  18. here is how the modding can work: A c# win. form app with ability to make mods and then export them to ex. "*.am" (AstroneerMod) witch will have xml data about the mod (name, description, author...) that Astroneer can read to a mod that can be enabled and disabled. if you want i can make something like that app (in visual studio)
  19. So I build the spaceship with 2 storages like you're supposed to do, shove 7 small storages on the nodes and one habitat, and I can't enter the habitat. So I put a seat there instead and enter it, and I can't launch the spaceship. This wasn't mentioned in the patch notes. For the love of God, please revert it back to the way it was in 0.5. What do I do?
  20. Title says it all. Just purchased on Steam and install went fine. When I click play in Steam it shows Astoneer as "running" for a couple seconds and then "running" disappears and nothing. Just looking for some advice on where to start troubleshooting this problem. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Windows 7 ultimate SP1 - DX11 installed - 3.4 GHz i7s - 24GB ram - NVIDIA GTX 680MX w/ 2GB ram
  21. Summary: 0.4.10223.0 XB1 - Can't launch shuttle from within a habitat attached to it Description: Formerly you could place a habitat on the shuttle (large or small) and launch from there. Since the latest patch(s), I am unable to access the launch icon. I had to build a 1-seat enclosed to be able to access the launch icon. You can (X) to enter/leave the habitat, but you can't get a pointer (using controller) to click on the icon. However, from within the 1-seat, you can. I don't know if this change is on purpose or accident. I am unsure if it changed in the latest hotfix (r
  22. Anytime I try to launch Astroneer I get error code 0x803F8001. I have tried launching from the Windows Store, Xbox Live App, and the Start Menu icon. I have bought this game, hence why it is installed, and now it brings up all of these other options. I do not know if this is also a bug of some sort. I'll be grateful if someone could help me solve this problem. Thanks.
  23. Last night I felt like playing some Astroneer. I jump over to my PC(Windows 10) and start it up. After clicking the shortcut to start the game, the splash screen appears, and then it closes. No errors occur, nothing running in the task manager, nothing. Kinda weird because I just played it a couple of days before. No big deal, try it again, same result. Ok, I then restart my machine. After restart, I get the exact same result. Next was uninstalling and reinstalling. Get the same result. Look up that I might need an update C++ runtime. Install the runtime, restart my machine, try to start the g
  24. This is a bug that I can recreate anytime. If you place a Seat on the ground it will inflate on the bottom. When you sit on it it will launch in whichever direction off the ground with you in it. When you press X to get out, the Seat launches itself very high or far away in the air and you have to chase after it to get it back. One time the Seat placed on a base platform launched itself and me in it like i was taking off in a ship and i got out and fell from way up in the sky. I havent been able to do this part again, but the one where the Seat launches itself once dismounted happen
  25. I'm using Steam Link + PS4 controller. I know there is no PS4 configurations, so I remapped them to xbox controls using Steam. Left Trigger for cursor mode works just fine when using the research/printer/smelt stations. But when it comes to selecting the launch button, nothing happens. I kept selecting the removable items attached to the spaceship. I had to remap the touchpad to a mouse/click action and it works fine. So I'm not sure if it's a bug or because I'm using a remapped PS4 controller.