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Found 5 results

  1. I got a Portable Oxygenator as soon as I could, but whenever I use it it saps so much power that I can't keep it running for more than 10-20ish sec. Any ideas?
  2. First/Simplest Item: Tier 2 - Wireless Power Receiver This item would be placed on the ground like a splitter, would have 3 output-only cable plugs, and a control panel(I'll get to how this works in a bit). Next Item: Tier 3 - Wireless Power Transmitter This one goes on the ground as well, and has 4 input-only cable plugs. Control panel here too. Range only encompasses the planet it is on. Final Item: Tier 4 - Stellar Power Transmitter Again, goes on the ground, is larger than the default transmitter, and has 8 input-only cable plugs. Control Panel here
  3. A late game Tier-1 module made of Nano-Carbon Alloy. Place in widget slot, insert 1 of your desired raw resource, and press the widget key bind. This will consume 5 U of power from the backpack, and send out a pulse that will highlight the desired resource through terrain, up to a set distance. If it needs to be harder to use, it could also consume the inserted resource, but personally I think the power cost and print cost should be sufficient to make it a late-game item.
  4. Robotics Bay Late-game structure allowing you to create automated units. Why? Creating late-game goals Automation to replace repetitiveness Use of late-game resources The idea Structure (2 titanium) - Robotics Bay Drones: Drone base - 4 titanium Drone upgrades: Companion drone (follows you, can be interacted with to view the map, carries up to 4 items) - 4 lithium Scouting drone (maps the uncharted area, pin-pointing resources, rares and points of interest) - 4 aluminum Mining Drone (slowly gathers/generates materials that are
  5. so i've made it pretty far into the game, my main save has 3 fully upgraded bases (all the modules and usually 1 or 2 vehicles), 1 on terran, 1 on exotic, and 1 on radiated. is there any end-game content i'm missing past colonizing every planet and stocking up on iron for the future update where they actually implement it?