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Found 5 results

  1. I got a Portable Oxygenator as soon as I could, but whenever I use it it saps so much power that I can't keep it running for more than 10-20ish sec. Any ideas?
  2. First/Simplest Item: Tier 2 - Wireless Power Receiver This item would be placed on the ground like a splitter, would have 3 output-only cable plugs, and a control panel(I'll get to how this works in a bit). Next Item: Tier 3 - Wireless Power Transmitter This one goes on the ground as well, and has 4 input-only cable plugs. Control panel here too. Range only encompasses the planet it is on. Final Item: Tier 4 - Stellar Power Transmitter Again, goes on the ground, is larger than the default transmitter, and has 8 input-only cable plugs. Control Panel here as well. Range encompasses entire solar system. Okay, here is how this works: There will be about a dozen power "channels" that the player can transmit on, each on its own wireless power network. The player can set the transmitters and receivers to any of the networks, with transmitters pushing power into the network, at the U/s they are getting, and receivers pulling power from the network, again at the same U/s the transmitters are getting. The control panels will have a network channel selector, and display the U/s being transmitted/received. If this needs to be more of a challenge, there could be a large power cost for transmitting, maybe 5-10 U/s per Receiver on the network. Here's what this means: With a system like this, players can set up a power plant base at one location(or multiple with multiple transmitters) and place multiple receivers at other locations to power their modules. The default transmitter can only send power on one planet, but the larger variant can send to any planet(if a player tries to receive a network that is out of range, than it will alert to player that it is out of range). I could create a massive solar farm on Calidor, have that power a massive battery array, which goes into a Stellar Transmitter. I can then set up receivers on any other planet, set them to the network on Calidor, and power many bases. Final Note: I am open to suggestions on how to tweak this and make it better, and if anyone has a question, please ask!
  3. A late game Tier-1 module made of Nano-Carbon Alloy. Place in widget slot, insert 1 of your desired raw resource, and press the widget key bind. This will consume 5 U of power from the backpack, and send out a pulse that will highlight the desired resource through terrain, up to a set distance. If it needs to be harder to use, it could also consume the inserted resource, but personally I think the power cost and print cost should be sufficient to make it a late-game item.
  4. laukys

    Robotics Bay

    Robotics Bay Late-game structure allowing you to create automated units. Why? Creating late-game goals Automation to replace repetitiveness Use of late-game resources The idea Structure (2 titanium) - Robotics Bay Drones: Drone base - 4 titanium Drone upgrades: Companion drone (follows you, can be interacted with to view the map, carries up to 4 items) - 4 lithium Scouting drone (maps the uncharted area, pin-pointing resources, rares and points of interest) - 4 aluminum Mining Drone (slowly gathers/generates materials that are present on the planet, even when player isn't on that planet) - 4 titanium Satellites: Satellite base - 8 titanium Satellite solar array - 8 compound Satellite battery - 8 lithium Satellite upgrades: Energy satellite (doubles astroneer's energy recharge rate when on the same planet) - 8 lithium Satellite station (allows travel to planets that are further away, allows you to dock onto it) - 8 compound Oxygen satellite (Slowly, Oxidizes the planet it's orbiting, decreasing the rate at which oxygen is consumed on that planet) - 8 organic
  5. pootisface

    so... what now?

    so i've made it pretty far into the game, my main save has 3 fully upgraded bases (all the modules and usually 1 or 2 vehicles), 1 on terran, 1 on exotic, and 1 on radiated. is there any end-game content i'm missing past colonizing every planet and stocking up on iron for the future update where they actually implement it?