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Found 4 results

  1. Late games can get very cluttered and storage is a very big problem so I thought I would suggest this: storage unite that holds items at a capacity similar to the backpack but they can only hold one type of item. So if someone just has tons of Astronium or something like that you could put it in there holding (IDK what would be balanced) let's say 30. It's in a small little space but right there if needed not spilling out needing several medium storage silos to fill. I imagine it being printed by the small printer or maybe a version that can hold 4 different types by the medium printer, it could be made with Astronium because steel won't explain that apparent shrinking of items into almost nothing. It would also be really cool to see some automation in this game, say you just got back from an interplanetary mining mission and you have tons of different items on one extra large silo. you could just throw it onto a special platform and it sorts it out maybe going into a smelter and then going to a DSST or just straight to a Chemistry Lab's storage. You could also send an automated tiny shuttle to another planet and have it automatically use the base that is there and get some gasses or it's expensive and can get the gasses on its own. Thanks for reading!
  2. AstroPotato

    Item Transporter

    My idea is for a way to transport items to and from two planets or from one place on the planet to another. Yes I know there are rockets and vehicles along with massive storage silos that can be used but maybe this can be a use for Astronium so that way it has another use besides being research, looking pretty, cool and awesome. Also maybe this item transporter will take a tier 4 space on a large platform so that the extra large platform can used a lot more often. For power and building it could be built at the large printer for two Astronium a aluminum alloy with a nanocarbon alloy order to use the item teleported it will take carbon along with a steady flow of power. This is a idea I came up with because I had to take so many trips to get items from different planets. (Also you guys are doing a amazing job on Astroneer!)
  3. Hudson555x

    Extra/Hidden Gateways

    Late game idea or even early game. Have two or more hidden gateways either deep in the planet or near the surface. I would keep it at two gateways though. Probably would be best randomized on different planets. Say have one on Desolo then one on Atrox. Would be a super easter egg find. Would force people further explore deep underground. Possible settings in the UI a user could permanently change to easy mode to find the gateway like nearby, teathers would glow Green or Blue indicating the gateway may be buried. Possibly have certain types of plant life near the gateway to help reveal location as well. And the way to unlock it would be a with a special zebra ball, maybe of a different colour, which could also be in different planets not with the gateways. The artwork underground is super amazing and I just don't see anyone really enjoying the depths of each planet. The reward for find the unique gateways could also get you a very special suit skin to only be used on that game save. At least I would enjoy exploring the depths of a planet to find this super hard Easter egg. Which should be damn near impossible as I wouldn't know which planet either one would be on.
  4. WestNomad

    Orbital bases

    I'm not completely sure if this is possible already considering i haven't exactly put a staggering amount of time into the game: However, if this is yet to be a feature, man would i like it. This would be an option to do after you've acquired the appropriate research for it. There could be a shuttle like the one already in the game (just a smidge different for the sake of adding new content), and you could use it as the pod you start the game with, except, well, it's in space. Being more or less the "foundation" for the orbiting base. You would launch this into orbit and go from there. Instead of treading around collecting ores from the ground, you float around with say a CO^2 (or anything similar, just for reference) loaded backpack with multiple thrusters collecting resources from nearby asteroids or floating space debris such as broken satellites. This backpack can be made from for example two aluminium, and the CO^2 cartridges to power it, out of perhaps ice (whenever that becomes a thing). You would have to prepare before you go into orbit, because if you do not, you'll be unable to move around the shuttle and in space. You would have to get the appropriate resources to expand the base with before it's completely self-sufficient. This will say you're gonna have to bring resources with you from the ground-base in the beginning. You could build off this foundation in similar fashion to the one already on the ground. You could also do more interesting stuff, such as discovering and searching for new planets to explore. I think this would be a hefty addition to the game as it would add more than just interplanetary exploration, but also the possibility for space-docs and an entire trade economy around the planet, instead of just on it. This is of course looking way into the future when the game will perhaps even support several hundreds of people in a single world/server. Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Nomad