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Found 2 results

  1. Late games can get very cluttered and storage is a very big problem so I thought I would suggest this: storage unite that holds items at a capacity similar to the backpack but they can only hold one type of item. So if someone just has tons of Astronium or something like that you could put it in there holding (IDK what would be balanced) let's say 30. It's in a small little space but right there if needed not spilling out needing several medium storage silos to fill. I imagine it being printed by the small printer or maybe a version that can hold 4 different types by the medium printer, it could be made with Astronium because steel won't explain that apparent shrinking of items into almost nothing. It would also be really cool to see some automation in this game, say you just got back from an interplanetary mining mission and you have tons of different items on one extra large silo. you could just throw it onto a special platform and it sorts it out maybe going into a smelter and then going to a DSST or just straight to a Chemistry Lab's storage. You could also send an automated tiny shuttle to another planet and have it automatically use the base that is there and get some gasses or it's expensive and can get the gasses on its own. Thanks for reading!
  2. My idea is for a way to transport items to and from two planets or from one place on the planet to another. Yes I know there are rockets and vehicles along with massive storage silos that can be used but maybe this can be a use for Astronium so that way it has another use besides being research, looking pretty, cool and awesome. Also maybe this item transporter will take a tier 4 space on a large platform so that the extra large platform can used a lot more often. For power and building it could be built at the large printer for two Astronium a aluminum alloy with a nanocarbon alloy order to use the item teleported it will take carbon along with a steady flow of power. This is a idea I came up with because I had to take so many trips to get items from different planets. (Also you guys are doing a amazing job on Astroneer!)