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Found 15 results

  1. To provide a background, my friend (the host) decided to build the large shuttle on Silva while I was on Glacio. All of the game crashes happened only to me afterwards often times consecutively while I tried to reconnect: 1. While I was on Glacio, the game crashed when my friend landed with a large shuttle on the same planet. Attempts to reconnect would not work until my friend either repackaged it or left with the large shuttle to another planet (same issue for Aatrox but not Silva). 2. While in transit from Silva to Aatrox and on another transit from Silva to Glacio with my friend in the passenger seat of the large shuttle, the game also crashed. 3. While landing on Aatrox with my friend in the passenger seat of the large shuttle, the game also crashed. Specs (drivers already confirmed and up to date): OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i7-7700HQ (2.8GHz) RAM: 16GB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB) P.S. Already tried lowest graphics settings. The game still crashes. DxDiag.txt
  2. I have found a glitch in the way the game handles the Medium battery. when slotting the built medium battery in the large shuttle, taking off, and landing on another planet, the meter is off center from the battery itself.only fix is to re-package the battery and unpack again.
  3. So, me and the guys were preparing to move to Atrox to build a new base, we were pretty much endgame at that point, we lost a couple hours making a new base to explorer Atrox, (because we just got there to capture gases, a nut and go relationship). In my Shuttle was only me, Chem. Lab, Shelter, Soil R. , 9 RTG, a Truck with trailers and power to go straight to the core if needed, 4 Silos filled with stuff to build anything we might need in there. The objetive was clear, explore Atrox core and its environment, simple right? The thing was, after i was moving to Atrox orbit the game crashes... My character gone, nowhere to be seen and i needed to spawn in the Burrito Satellite again. Everything that was in my Backpack was there once i came back, but the Shuttle was gone, we made some incursions to Atrox and near planets to search for the missing Ship, eventually we saw something that resemble a rocket, floating in space near Atrox, yes, our shuttle was there floating in the space with a couple hours work inside it and no chance to retrieve it back. Im writing this because i want to be mistaken, i want that ship back so we can do our thing but i have no idea what i should do to accomplish this. Tips, lore and F's are welcome. By this time we are build everything to move to Atrox from the scratch again, we are not quitting to explore that hostile planet yet. In anex we have Chernobyl - Circa 1985 (Colorized) Chernobyl Colorized.jfif
  4. Mouse and keyboard, Steam. Up to this point, I am trying to "beat" all the planets, and my next target was Vesania, to which I flew over in the large shuttle and it got to the screen where I circled around the planet to choose my landing spot. At which point, I immediately saw one that was super close to a Gateway Chamber, and clicked on it, but the only thing that happened was the shuttle did some barrel rolls and the camera did a couple 180s, and I ended up still floating in space in the shuttle and the game still consumed my fuel for landing when I really didn't. Have no idea how you could repeat this, but only a minor inconvenience, and the spot highlighted in the pic is the space I tried landing at. I had to go around the planet after it stopped doing this animation of going nowhere, and when I clicked on the same spot, it actually went to it this time.
  5. Autonomous Cargo Shuttle 1. New resource – gold and or silver. This new resource used in conjunction with graphene to create items with circuitry. i.e. flight control computer and or autopilot modules. 2. Autopilot – This module is for the large shuttle. This would be a tier one module and would go in the oxygenator compartment on the large shuttle. This would allow the shuttle to fly autonomously. 3. Launch Platform – Is an upgraded landing platform, like the platform in the tutorial. The launch platform would have tier one and two sockets to allow for more functionality i.e. flight control computer 4. Flight control computer - This would be a tier one or two item added or place on the launch platform. This computer would communicate to the large shuttle guiding the autopilot to its destination. In addition, it would be able to communicate to the shuttle in orbit around the planet that the flight control computer resides on without the aid for a communication satellite. 5. Communication Satellite – this satellite is used for long range communication to a large shuttle with an autopilot. The satellite would be to guide the shuttle from one upgraded landing platform to another. The satellite would be placed into orbit with the large shuttle. The idea behind this suggestion is to be able to send the large shuttle full of cargo to a base on another planet and have it return after its cargo has been unloaded onto storage which is on the launch platform. In addition, this setup could be used to collect gasses from another planet and return when the shuttles cargo is full. To get to this point would take a large investment in time and resources. This would obviously would be a late game activity. And yes this would require some automation. Tell me what you think. regards Bill
  6. Summary: Patch - Stuck inside Orbital Starting-Shuttle (MP - not hosting) Description: The game crashed while launching the large shuttle loaded with a packed Atmospheric Condenser, packed Large Platform B, unpacked Medium Generator and unpacked medium battery at 100% Charge (With Oxygenator and powered by a Hydrazine Thruster with 3 Full Canisters of Hydrazine attached and launching from ground (no Landing Pad)). The game was accidentally saved by the host after the shuttle started and my game beeing crashed, and once I joined the world again I was stuck in the orbital station you start from (SS attached). I could still access my inventory, but could not drop Items. The Shuttle was still in orbit but was inaccessible, and after several attempts to rejoin I was unable to get out of the stuck position. (Host restarted the game aswell) A new save was required, as the other players mentioned having severe framedrops to about 20 fps (60+ previously) and me not beeing able to play. My latest crash reports are from 2017, and no crash report was created from this crash and all previous crashes (somehow) // SS attached. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Patch Specifications: OS: Windows 10 x64 CPU: Intel i7 6700K 4GHz GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 970 RAM: Kingston 2x8GB DDR4 Drive: Samsung HD103SJ 1TB
  7. Summary: Auto accept resource silhuettes disappear. Must manually drag resource. Description: Resource silhouettes on small generators and shuttles disappearing. small generator stops auto accepting organic. must manually drag from inventory. shuttles hydrazine same thing. For the generator it seems random. but the shuttles always only accept a few cannisters on each slot before they stop auto accepting more. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: early access alpha Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Intel i5 2500k oc GPU: gtx1060 3gb RAM: 4 sticks of cant remember. 16gb total. Drives: Intel SSD X25-M 120gb, Crucial MX500 500gb
  8. Transparent blue canister position markers for Hydrazine canisters, go missing after targeting and filling them, after the first time canister dispenses, when trying to fill the Large Shuttle fuel tank.
  9. I putted two Large Storage units in a Large Shuttle, I got greedy and thought I could just attach a rover seat to it and will work. Now this junk won’t work. So, question: Am I screwed or is there a way to detach the storage unit so I can use this thing?
  10. I have two vehicle bays next to one another, but not so close that I couldn't print a Large Shuttle. So I printed it, and then printed the Large Storage while the Alluminum Alloy was being made in the Chem Lab. When I tried to print a Large Shuttle Seat, it is turned towards the storage instead of with it's back to it. So it barely intersects the storage and won't let me print a Large Shuttle Seat. See ensuing info. Giving as much information about the bug as possible: Controller Xbox One (not S or X) What were you doing leading up to this bug? Building a Large Shuttle w/ a Large Storage and Large Shuttle Seat. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end: Build a Large Shuttle, then build a Large Storage on the left side, then try to build a Large Shuttle Seat on the right. Include any media you want: see attached Xbox screenshot.
  11. Could you add back the ability to at least use the Shuttle Seat to control the Shuttles.
  12. If you build a large shuttle you cannot pilot it if you build two large storage modules on it. You can no longer use the habitat to pilot a shuttle with a full load of stuff on it. So if that cannot be done anymore, can the game put up a warning that if you build the second large storage it will not take off? Remind players that they need a closed seat somewhere on it? Or else they have a very large very pretty storage paperweight that now can't be moved or dismantled.
  13. I created a large shuttle with an Closed three seat in a multiplayer server. I then attempted to create a large storage platform on top of the shuttle to increase storage capacity. When transferring the medium storage platform holding the compound to create the large storage platform to the vehicle bay, the game froze up and crashed. Upon reentering the game, I could no longer pull out my terrain tool. When I press the button on either keyboard or controller, instead of pulling out terrain tool, it simply boards the closed 3-seat on the large shuttle. This is from anywhere on the map. It may be convenient to get out of a storm, but no terrain tool = unplayable. Hope this will be fixed soon.
  14. Shuttle cannot start constructions. Blue "action ring" doesn't show up under Large Shuttle. Mouse/keyboard. Steam version up-to-date. After landing with large shuttle, and it happened more then once, the blue "action ring" that allows the creation of new structures does not show up. Build a large shuttle, put a battery, 2 large solar panels over a large storage, fuel tank was full, plus 2 medium storage units with several resources on them. (The screenshots attached does not have a full tank anymore)
  15. in the version of xbox one I can not take off with the Large Shuttle despite appearing the button for takeoff I can not pre-order it. What should I do to deal with it?