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Found 2 results

  1. I need not include a picture or video because this issue is extremely easy to recreate. (but I might anyway, I happen to have one recorded) I noticed it by accident the other night when I was trying to pull a large research item off of one of the large buggy's winches. As you probably know, pulling items off the winch can be tricky if you grab the object itself and you end up dragging your buggy or trailer around like a bad dog on a short leash. If you manage to drop the item into an open double attachment slot while it's still attached to the winch, the buggy begins to spin wildly on one tire and won't stop for anything. If you can manage to sit back in the seat, that won't fix it. If you try pulling items off of it while it's spinning, you will likely not grab the offending item and you'll just pull things off of it randomly like the seat and any generators/lights/winches that might be on it. The only way to get it to stop is to wait for it to catch in some trees or wedge itself in a hole and go over to it and detach the item that's still tethered to the winch but is also in a double attachment slot. Extremely frustrating the first time it happened, actually it was really annoying the second and third times it happened, but able to be fixed without cheats or restarts. Bottom line, this should be an easy fix for software developers but they just needed to be told about it. I hope this is all self explanatory and makes sense. 2020-08-15 14-56-53 (1).mp4
  2. Summary: Drills not drilling in the forward direction anymore. Platform: Steam - PC Version/Build: Specifications: PC, Intel Core i7 960 3.2GHz stock 48GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro Velociraptor 10,000RPM Game Install Drive, (SSD OS Drive,) So the angular setting of the dual-drills on the front end of the buggy are not set at 0-degrees. Occassionally the angle gets skewed, and just now, but i'm not sure what the trigger for it was, its' flipped around to the point where the large buggy is drilling under it's wheels. The skewed setting stays with whichever buggy started to bug out. if I mount a drill on front and back of buggy, it's the same angle. image attached. Video link: