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Found 15 results

  1. After 1.15 update, Korean language has broken for a week. This is a crucial error for the players in Korea. When I open the printer menu, none of the letters are shown properly. Many people are troubled with this issue. Please fix this problem as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.
  2. In the game "ğ" letter is looks like a diamond with a question mark in it. Can you guys add "ğ" letter ?
  3. I have installed Astroneer on Windows 10 and Xbox One X, but for both system I setup my language and region to Chinese (Taiwan). I am able to see the Chinese language on Window 10 but not Xbox. Is there any issues with this? Regards, Jeff
  4. I want the game to have more custom language in the game to be able to add more languages. I want I can tranlaste english into vietnamese ,... I think the astroneer community needs a game version in their language without having to play the English version anymore.
  5. - In the tutorial there's a few off beat translations to dutch present: if you hover over the astroneer in english it says "print items", in dutch this is translated to "items worden geprint". It's an absurd translation because that doesn't match the command to print items. This translation would literally translates back in english to "items are being printed". The correct translationIt should simply be "items printen". - After you print a generator you're being asked to restore power, but again that card has the same translation mistake. It's not "stroom wordt hersteld" (that
  6. This should be "medium platform A ? or B, both are called the same in dutch
  7. On Windows 7, I have my system language set to English (Control Panel, File Manager, etc.) and my time/date format language to French (dimanche instead of Sunday). Astroneer displays entirely in French because of this, even though every other program uses English by default (because it's my system language). Any ideas? Carpe diem, mañana.
  8. Storage = Склад - Слоты Trade Platform = Продать платформа - Торговый Модуль Wind Turbine = Ветротурбина - Ветрогенератор Winch = Подъемник - Лебёдка 1-Seat = Одноместный - 1-местная Кабина 3-Seat = Трехместный - 3-местная Кабина Research = Исследование - Сканер Truck = Тележка - Внедорожник Thruster = Двигатель - Турбина
  9. I think... I or Russia Comunity can help to System Era Softworks translate game, ( Good translate ) because u do crooked translating :c Like: "Тележка" "Продать Платформу" and so on
  10. Hello, I'm slightly annoyed by the fact that the game automatically chose the language for me and I cant change it back to english, at least not in a way that is obvious. Its really annoying when games are badly translated to Portuguese, or even worse, they are translated to brazilian Portuguese, (which is the case) and I can't change it to english so, please keep that in mind for the next update! Awesome game non-the-less Cheers.
  11. Is there any way to change the game language? I'm assuming it sets the language according to the system's language. Since I don't have my system's language set to English, I'd much rather have it that way
  12. Hi. How do you change the windows 10 store language as you can't define the parameter like on steam ?
  13. The inclusion of Alien Glyphs as research items. Each glyph you find teaches you part of an alien language. probably found in ruins left behind by the aliens. If you can collect all of the glyphs then you would be able to read the alien text, the game would auto translate the glyphs you have found. You would probably need this language to operate and repair a downed alien ship that has the power to take you to a new solar-system. I don't know if you can go to another solar-system yet. I think it would be a neat quest.
  14. Would it be possible to add an Option to change the Game language? I play games in English, and most Games let me set it in-game or use the language I set in Steam but this one seems to use the Operating System language, and I see no Option to change that...
  15. In the Russian version In some places (menu. some messages) text is clipped