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Found 4 results

  1. hi im Bacon

    Coloured soil filtering

    I have very much enjoyed being able to create structures and build rudimentary buildings with the soil from the containers. I would love the ability to builds with various colours, however, the building colour is set. I was thinking that a cool aspect would be that the colour of the soil inside the container is a mix of the colours of soil extracted from the terrain. This way building colour would change depending on where it was extracted. Furthermore, a module could be researched and built that filters the soil inside a container into the different base colours so that one could build with them. This would allow you to hold different colours of soil in different containers. This idea could lead nicely into the idea that particular soil colours have particular properties, and the terrain gun can then be used to build and manipulate those properties. an example would be that you could grow particular vegetation on a particular soil, one would then be able to farm something. Although this is just a thought of what could happen as an extension.
  2. First of all I would love to thank developers for amazing work and for developing this non-combat game, it's nice to see something what is not only about killing and destruction. I was wondering if I am the only one who thinks that land rover should have more attachments for various tasks, like terraforming (flattening) the surface, or applying some kind of concrete to make base area flat, maybe changing it's color as well. It would make much better overall feeling in our bases... My second idea is way how we could obtain some rare research thingies. They would be in asteroids, occasionally flying in sky (maybe in same level as clouds). We would have to research some kind of laser gun to shoot these asteroids down to research what's in them. Last idea is about automatic harvesters of organics. We could place it in areas where are plants (grass). It would have some kind of beam which would collect plants in certain radius around the center, but it would also restore the plants as well over time. Farming king of thing. From time to time we could collect whatever it harvested. In late-game, it could be planted even in areas where are no plants, it would seed them and started harvesting after certain period of time.
  3. Sir Tubs

    The Flat Tool

    I would love to have a tool that works like the mining tool but it would allow you to pick a height on the ground then able to flatten everything around as long as you have power
  4. A better tool is required to allow some decent landscaping. I know you can flatten stuff with CTRL, but it is really hard to create something like a flat ramp into a lower level which you can either use to walk down without neckbreaking jumps or drive down with vehicles.