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Found 5 results

  1. i suggest a new attachment for the landscaping tool the attachment that makes it easier to make walls or falls like you can select the angle you want to build with and that's the angle it builds like if you select 90 degrees then the only angle you can build with is 90 degrees or even 50 degrees than the same thing happens you can only build on a 50 degree angle, it would make it so much easier and less frustrating to build walls and floors, and its an attachment so its optional to have on or not.
  2. Hi, thanks for the performance update. Still only getting 30 fps but that is a big improvement over what it was prior to the newest update. I did find a bug that could be a big problem. We could fall through them and die. The mesh seems to be torn in several random areas. I took a screenshot for you to see.
  3. OK first of all, I had been playing a completely different game day in and day out, away from Astroneer, waiting for some nice update. One morning I had a dream before I woke up where I was walking along some astroneer-like landscape. Here are the differences, and why those differences would make this a better game. Atmosphere, Resources, Landscape Texture. The atmosphere of the planet in my dream was a more natural one, which brings me to the suggestion that the atmosphere on some planets is made a bit denser. The texture of the landscape and the first person view really gave me a s
  4. Hey guys! So this is my first time posting on the forum - I'm absolutely in love with the game, and since it's so early in development I thought I'd share a few ideas of what I think would really add to the whole experience NB I've attached some pics to illustrate my ideas. The simpler drawings are my own, but the rest are all taken from google images. BACKGROUND: Molten planets, also called lava planets, are a hypothetical kind of terrestrial planet with a molten surface covered mostly by lava (Fig.1). These could be young freshly formed planets which have yet to cool down a
  5. The fix for bugs in landscape : Hi ! I have ever use unreal engine 4 and i can help for some bug like go inside a wall when we custom the landscape (Sorry for my bad english i'm french ) If you didn't using blueprint just try to convert in C++ Don't use first person camera just select the character at the left to the picture Pictures :