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Found 34 results

  1. [DK] The Mustard Cat

    Small shuttle landing bugged

    Hello System Era Team! I was playing Astroneer here the other day with a friend. We spent like 6 hours on the same world and quickly discovered a bug with the Small Shuttle when we wanted to go space traveling. The problem occurs when you land a Small Shuttle. The thing is, when you first have printed a Small Shuttle you cannot move it. Then you launch it. When you then land on the home planet again it lands near the place you created it. In our case it landed on the side of our vehicle bay. This means it's blocking it. Well, not physically but optically blocking. We cannot move it so it stays there. All we can do is launch again and hope for a better landing spot next time. Of course we have gotten further and no longer need our Small Shuttles and therefore they're just there, floating mid-air, making our base look messy. Neither can it be removed nor moved. I have attached a photo in which the bug is displayed on the right side. Additionally: We had two and they land at the exact same place. This does not really do anything as they still work and we can still access both just fine, it's just a suggestion; maybe you should change that. It makes that part of the game look clumsy. Thank you for great game, can't wait till release.
  2. Hello, Been following this game since it first come out, but only started playing it last week. My thought (if not already raised - couldn't see it on the list), is when your orbiting a planet trying to land all the landing spots are blue... I wish we had different colours for the pre-set landing zones and the vehicle bays. This would help Astroneers select the right spot if they built their vehicle bay on top of the landing zone (or your first base). First suggestion is I thought, I wish the Vehicle Bays showed up as a different colour, like green. But to expand on that thought, on hitting [E] on the vehicle bay, you can alter the colour of it. Maybe indicated by a flashing light on its model. When in orbit, the colour set will shade the dome icon for the lander... so you can clearly select the right location from orbit. When in an orbitting shuttle, adding a [Q] option to cycle through the filters (all landing spots/landing zones only/vehicle bays only).
  3. As shuttles must use Vehicle Bays and therefore block access, I built multiple bays to work on multiple vehicles. Despite there being one or two empty vehicle bays, the shuttle lands in occupied spaces. I managed to launch the medium shuttle from on top of the large rover, but it took the rover with it into the stratosphere and dropped it.. (I'm not sure if it's lying somewhere on home planet or gone..) It later landed on an expensive Large Shuttle. I tried dynamiting it, but alas - the large one was destroyed, leaving only the medium one.
  4. When there are two vehicle engines and landing with a spaceship, it lands on top of another spacecraft or vehicle. One overlaps the other.
  5. I tried to look to see if someone posted a bug about this but I haven't seen one. I am currently on Arid ( I believe since there are no more planet names, the one with the floating spiky balls of death) and I created a base. I have a vehicle bay that is powered, along with a fully functional base. Problem is, once I leave the planet and want to come back, I can't find my landing site. It doesn't show any icons for my base. I have to try and GUESS where I landed last time and hope I am correct. I waited for the planet to make 2 full rotations, by my calculations, and I saw nothing telling me where I was to land again. I did manage to find it again by trial and error. I am playing on a PC through Steam Candor
  6. Riley Bielby

    Space ships

    I have recently been watching some of the dev streams from when the game was not released and I thought why do we not have a landing platform for our spaceships I also find it frustrating if you have already built a spaceship and don't have a rover you have to either create another vehicle bay or get in your spaceship waste precious hydrazine to move your spaceship to somewhere else on that planet my idea is that the landing platform could be built by the vehicle bay in a box like all the other base pieces and could still be moved pls add into the game.
  7. Well... I was traveling to Radiated planet. First I landed on a bad spot (that worm like thing next tu spaceship), so I went to orbit again and then chose another location, but when I was landing it zoomed out so it looked like traveling between planets, but I could not travel to another planet neither zoom in to my spaceship. I tried to restart the game. After loading I was on the planet, but could not launch to space neither take any of the supplies from spaceship neither from backpack. So this save is unplayble I can not take that habitat and can't launch to space or use backpack (my second save ). Also the "landning bubbles" are still visible and there is also the planet selection circle as seen on the screenshot. ------------------------------ Specs (DxDiag attached): Windows 8.1 64bit Intel i7-4500U Nvidia GT 750M RAM 16 GB SSD disk DxDiag.txt
  8. Summary: When initiating Landing sequence if you click a landing zone then on the orbiter launch icon causes a gamebreaking bug after loading save file. Description: As stated above if while in orbit over a planet you click on a Landing Zone then click on the exit orbit button above your ship it causes the game to both simultaneously load the solar system and land on the planet you can still exit your ship by pressing X after it is landed but it leaves the landing Zone markers unclickable around each of the landing zones if you save your game and exit when you come back in the same problem exists and when inside of any of these Landing zones you cannot click on any button therefore since your home is a landing Zone you cannot manipulate anything inside your home at base the game becomes unplayable from that point on Also see post Bug making me unable to use anything (by klicking) Started by DArealNIEL, June 27 Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: Xbox Patch 189 Specifications: OS: Xbox one standard specs CPU: GPU: RAM: Drive:
  9. Suggestion: When I am in space with my shuttle and I should choose a landing spot on the planet, I want to have the option to show how the landing spot looks like in detail so I don't accidently land on the wrong vehicle bay. I'm sorry if this idea already exists, it just came randomly to my mind.
  10. Playing on steam, version 0.3.10182.0 and 0.3.10158.0 I took off with a shuttle, searching for my corpse. I thought i noticed it, so i clicked on the location. A second later i realised that i did not want to go there, so i clicked the little orange button above the shuttle, while it was already landing on the planet. It went into the interplanetary mode, but my shuttle landed, so i was stuck in that mode. I quit to main menu, and when I loaded the save again, it put me down on the planet, but there are these blue sphere-thingies indicating that i can land there. The problem is, i have already landed, and it doesn't let my take off again, it does not allow me to craft or research, the only thing i can do is collect stuff. I tried opting into the beta (version 0.3.10158.0), and on that version when i try to load the save, it just crashes.
  11. LordHotwheels

    Falling through the map

    When you build terrain close enough to you, the terrain slightly engulfs you and then you fall through the map. If I'm lucky, I land in a cave nearby, and I can get out. But sometimes, I'm not lucky, and I eventually die. The same thing happens when you attempt to get into a vehicle when you are in a multiplayer game (but not the host). When I landed the spaceship once, I got out and also fell through the map.
  12. So when you build more than 1 vehicle bay or build a vehicle bay where a landing zone already exists it is practically impossible to tell which one you are selecting. This is why I propose that when you mouse over more than 1 landing zone (so overlapping ones) the camera would either zoom in/spread out the landing zones or put them in a line on your screen (shift them horizontally or vertically). This would make landing shuttles on ships/vice versa a lot rarer and give more accuracy to the player.
  13. I was just wondering about, does someone know how to know which spot I must choose when in orbit, to land on a planet's north or south pole? How do I navigate when in orbit? What is in which direction... I am guessing that the spaceship is following the equator but I havent found any info on the forum about this.
  14. lynnettelol

    Landing issues?

    DAY 543: I've been stuck in orbit for the longest time. I have oxygen, and a crap load of hydrazine, but I just can't seem to land this spacecraft. I took off (from base) and since I wanted to just park the shuttle somewhere else, tried landing this close to home and for a very brief moment, I thought I landed safe and soundly. But I was wrong. Somehow I traveled through space and time, and I was back in the orbit of the planet, but this time I didn't have the option to land anywhere. (The animation of the shuttle landing kept going, but here I am, still in orbit). pls send help. I didn't get the wifi password for this shuttle and am spending the remaining data I have to upload this.
  15. Summary: 119 - Steam - Vehicles Landing at The Same Place Description: During the landing procedure, the spaceship and the shuttle glitched themselves and the physics just gone wild. This is the screenshot I could capture to get a clear picture. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store OBS: I'm playing on a Notebook. Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.693 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 4500U CPU @ 1.80GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M RAM: 2xSmart Modular SH564128FJ8NZRNSDG 8 GB Drive: ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB Image attached represents slot for memory via CPU-Z application.
  16. XBlu Exile

    Odd landings

    So I've began to notice when you start a new game or are landing on in a new zone on a planet, more often than not the landing is a cave or some hill making it safe to unmount the spaceship, should fix it so all landings/ spawns in games are guaranteed to be flat and not in a weird crevis. Had to make three planets before I found one with a decent spawn.
  17. SnapsticK

    Landing bug

    When landing with a shuttle the world will occasionally take long to load on console which makes you fall through the floor into a cave below you
  18. I had an issue with my Truck/Rover on the Xbox One. Had a good size base, decided to expand, loaded up and blasted to the exotic planet to set up shop. Realized Resin/Composite not very common there so jumped home to collect more (plan was to wonder with my Truck since I had exhausted local reserves). Truck was attached to base with power line, setup with large solar panel, large storage, one seater, winch, 2 rovers attached as trailers with a regular storage on one with a few resources. But as I landed and the terrain shifted from low poly to high poly the truck was gone. Thought the game had eaten them, but then I could hear the truck motors going for a short time after landing. Thought it was just buried but shallow digging revealed nothing. I used a glitch where if you bury yourself you can pop behind the terrain. Floating in the void there you can see a lot of the nearby cave system and I saw my truck. Then took an hour and a half of digging, driving, dying, and exploring to get the thing back to surface. I was annoyed at the glitch, but it was a fun/goofy little adventure retrieving the darn thing. I was relieved to find the truck, it easily could have sunk to center of the planet if it hadn't hit the caves. Then I'd be reporting the thing just disappearing not sinking through the terrain. To speculate on the cause: the way the truck or the terrain reloaded must have put the truck in or under the terrain enough to fall through. Maybe caused by the way the terrain shifts from lower to higher polygons when landing and taking off. I like the visual effect of the terrain shifting as you take off and land or travel across the planet, but it does seem to cause breaks in the terrain.
  19. DeviousSquire

    overlapping landing sites

    Not sure if this is a glitch or as designed, I've noticed on my barren planet base that the original landing site and my new vehicle bay seem to have separate "landing domes" when in orbit so i can choose to land not on my vehicles which is fantastic
  20. elKokas96

    Space Capsule Bugged,

    I made two building places for vehicles, and for some reason when i land back at my base, the spaceship gets bugged so i cant place things on it and there are two space ships exactly at the same place, so you might be fueliing one but only acces to hop on the other one. Maybe this could be fixed if the was an option to delete built things
  21. Dear System Era I went to exotic and build my new home. I build the vehicle builder. When I landed to exotic again, it should land in front of the vehicle build, but it didnt. I tried to reland or quit the game, but the problem didnt solve. It always landed at the beginning place. Hope you can check it. Thank you Steam ID: Raininforest bug.bmp
  22. After trying to land on moon my ship got stuck in mid-air and I was unable to exit the ship.
  23. Hello, Simple solution to a problem of shuttle occupying the vehicle bay would be introduction of shuttle landing pad module. This way we could designate nice area to where it would land and not to disturb the production. It could also sport some storage slot or a fuel tank that would automatically refuel the shuttle when docked (providing required fuel amount is stored).
  24. The host and the client see completely different things when landing on a planet. The host sees a fairly normal landing. The client sees a normal landing, gets warped back out into space, the planet vanishes, and then suddenly the planet re-appears with the landing craft on it. Repro: Launch one client through Steam Load saved game on that client On the other client bring up the Steam friends list and choose "Join Friend" Put both players on a space craft Travel to another planet Watch the landing on both screens Steam version on both clients Windows 10 x64 on both clients Mouse and keyboard on both clients Both clients are on the same LAN (e.g. should be relatively low latency.)
  25. Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read this. Great game so far! I landed on a moon after getting in a shuttle for the first time. I assume it's a moon. It says "barren" when I moused over the celestial body. When I proceeded to land on the surface, I landed inside a spiky terrain feature. A tall, thin, jutting rock formation of sorts. I was unable to manipulate it with the terrain tool and my ship is entirely stuck. I'm just going to delete the most recent save files, but I thought you guys would like to know! Hope this helps! Regards, Prences Ghising