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Found 4 results

  1. @SES_joe I would absolutely love to see the large landing pad (pictured below in the 0.9 alpha update banner) be made a craftable item on the large printer. This item is so cool and it is a shame that it can't be made and it is only a piece of debris (found in the tutorial or on desolo). I think that it would be a great addition to all of the base building items currently in the game, and would really make for a cool centerpiece of any base.
  2. A folded landing pad has its top indicator turned green and can be deployed, but not work. U can leave the planet but when coming back from space, there is no bubble on it ! I noticed that it is possible to be warned of this bug (and avoid a trip without return): if the "magnetic centering" of the shuttle on the landing pad does not work then there will be no bubble. It only takes a very little bit of free space around to make it operational again. Thus the conditions of deployment of the landing pad are not the same as those of landing ...
  3. What about using this landing pad that unfolds upon drop pod departure as a place to launch things such as the trading platform or various helpful satellites? For example, the small shuttle builds on the pad, you get the one time use per solid-fuel thruster. Add the trading platform (with a lowered creation cost?) on top and each trade costs scrap and a thruster. This gives making the permanent thruster more use than fast rovers. Alternate attachments can be put on to the small shuttle to launch various satellites. For example; the wish for a GPS satellite, a locator for specific items (landing locations, wrecks, resources), a communications array for missions or intercept strange transmissions, deep space scanner for discovering more planets (making barren the only option to travel to until this is built). This can also avoid some pre-rendering situations that can cause the game to lag since certain items or planets may not be revealed until such satellites are up. It also gives re-purpose to the small shuttle which just sits idle once the others are built.
  4. there should be a place where the space shuttles can land instead landing in front of the vehicle bay so that i can build more stuff like rovers and not have the shuttle in the way. when ever i wont to build a rover i have to move the vehicle bay every time and its so annoying. so it would be nice if we could place a plat form down any where next to our base that shuttles can land on, so we don't have to move the vehicle bay every time i want to build a rover.