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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm more someone who sits back in the discord and like to just keep up to date with the changes and the progress of Astroneer. I had a few ideas for the modulation side of the landers and I figured I would put them onto paper while I remembered them. I'm no designer or engineer, so feel free to critique or add to the ideas. I'm on discord as TCphotos#6900 Need an international unexperienced intern?
  2. Just landed, brand new mission, and these things appear?
  3. The idea of permanent suite upgrades as mentioned in the collect-thread would add a bit of rpg flavor and I think without overloading the game this would be a very nice and fitting feature. Oh and a big shoutout for the music, really love it Some ideas, hopefully some of it is useful for you devs: A hovering spherical droid (maybe customizable) that provides one or two services like additional light, acoustic stormwarning etc. With a few random droid sounds he would make quite a difference since the player would not feel so alone in the vastness of space. But maybe that screws over your design-choices. Don`t know. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Random name generator for the planets, no player generated names, so we will be spared in multiplayer from Planet "Analtrafic" ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The option to declare primary and secondary landing spots for the spaceship (My second spaceship just landed at the same spot as my first, now they`ve seemed to fuse) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Darker nights maybe and some of those lightballoons that I`ve seen at recent big construction sites
  4. After building a Lander (spaceship) and placing 2 seatpods, the vehicle bay will let you still select modules to build. If you select to add storage while the Lander is still docked, it will instantly crash and exit the game Also as others have stated, the build arm and text are inverted in this scenario win10 version single player