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Found 7 results

  1. When base is getting bigger, it is so hard to align every platforms clearly. I think adding some kind of foundations that can make flat or perfect-round to planet would make building bases more easier and prettier. And some align tool for make platforms perfectly grid. Well it might be some kind of OCD, but It's really important for me. So, anyone who agree to me?
  2. Astroneer version / Steam / mouse and keyboard When choosing where to land on a planet, astroneers are able to choose the same spot to land that another shuttle has already landed at. This leads to the shuttle landing "inside" the already landed shuttle. Image 1: choosing the already occupied spot Image 2: just before the landing sequence ends, showing my Large shuttle landing inside a small shuttle. choose files... Click to choose files
  3. I saw many people already reporting it, but i'm making a topic to address all the issues with the land rovers so far. Rover won't work: On entering the rover and attempting to move, the vehicle won't work what so ever, regardless of energy. Bellow are some possible reason/fix but none of them are 100% consistent. Some times, removing batteries or external power sources or any items on the driving rover work. Some times detaching the driver rover, entering the driving rover and making sure it works, getting out and re attaching works. Some times alt-tabbing works. Some times flipping the rover works. Saving/Loading seems to don't work A small bump completely destroys momentum: Mostly a medium rover issue, it seems it want's a absolutely plain field to travel, even a small irregular shape will stop it from 100 to 0 in a frame or flip side-ways. Also the medium rover seems to not have traction/adherence at all, a simple curve sends connected modules to drift left and right. Wheels stuck on other modules wheels. While the rover is drifting I noticed the wheels stuck on inverted positions. Module 2 has the 4 wheels turned left and module 3 has them turned right and both seem to be stuck on each other. And they stay stuck even after the drift stops, making impossible to drive in a straight line. So far this are the issues I found so far, 1.0 is being amazing so far, just a little weird around the edges as is expected on a launch.
  4. I removed the land under a shuttle and it just stayed there. I wanted to build my moon base underground so I mined out a huge tunnel only to find out the shuttle lands on a predefined spot, not actually landing till it hits something. Please allow the shuttle to keep moving down till it hits ground. Possibly add a landing beacon or something so the shuttle knows where to go.
  5. Ok heres another possible base model mockup of a planet based hovercraft. Very basic design. 4 atmospheric thrusters, left side has a panel for power visuals. First image is stationary mode, second image is flight. Again another idea for possible updates.
  6. My first reload since update didn't go well At first, I saw this "terrain discontinuity bug" I alreday heard about : Then, I saw my truck, that was attached to the printer from the front slot, making a half turn. There is also a large block of terrain that I cannot dig with the tool. Didn't try with the crane, but I guess this is a bug because the terrain has the same blue color as the one you can see on pic, not the green one like where you can found lithium or titanium. I only made 5 or 6 hours of a new game before saving and quitting the game ( I think I did "esc" -> Back to desktop ). Let's wait for the next update?
  7. WichuWow

    Planet land bug

    I don't speak english too good, but, i want to help for this amazing game, i find this bug in my first land on a new planet, the name of the space view don't disaper and the icon too