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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. What if astroneer had water bodies in which there are native animals that could kill you???
  2. By having planets with Lakes and Oceans would add so much more to the game, you could create rivers, dams and hydro power. H2O could also be a new type of resource, and there could be the hazard of opening up a underground pocket of water. There could also be a new variety of water vehicles. Adding water could also open up the possibility's of farming !
  3. Can you guys imagine how cool it would be to have fluid dynamics inside the game??? we could shape the planets as we please, making waterways, lakes and all kinds of crazy things just by making cannals and holes so the water could follow! Also, it would be a great start for living things to be implemented to the game... exotic planets would be full of underground rivers and water reserrves so the green ecosystem above could grow. And we would have a great survival item, making it one of the priorities when exploring.
  4. Would be nice to see some fluid on certain planets, maybe ice on the tundra one. Would change the dynamic of mining if you had to consider if you were digging near a body of water. Different equitment for resource collecting underwater. Boats for surface, submarines for underwater cave exploration could then be crafted etc..